With great love and care, comes a great responsibility of taking care of your home. As the years pass by, things around the house will wear and tear and need fixing or replacement.

Here we have a few options to consider when thinking about making these updates to your house every few years.

The Paint Job Necessity

The period in which your home needs to be painted depends on where you live. Humidity is a major factor that makes people often repaint certain areas. A shared living room needs to be painted every few years or can also be given a touch-up.

Modernize ceiling fans

A ceiling fan should last about 10 years if it’s frequently running. Many modern designs are available in the market that is power-saving and also gives a sleek and elegant look to your interiors.

Replace the geysers or hot water tank

A water heater may leak or fail with usage over a long period, so it’s essential to know its life expectancy. The manufacture date may be embedded in the serial number on the tank. Any tank that’s been around for 5 years or more is a candidate for replacement.

Invest in a dishwasher/ washing machine

Replacing your dishwasher/washing machine with an energy-efficient model will be a saviour in the future. The average lifespan of both appliances is about eight years. Signs that you should replace them soon are a malfunctioning control board, poorly cleaned dishes/clothes and cracks in the tub.

Showers, bathtubs and sinks

Whether you just haven’t gotten around to it yet or you’re moving into an old home, it is a great idea to re-caulk the tub, shower and sinks. You can easily do this yourself with the help of online tutorials.

Re-glaze windows

Re-glazing old windows is an excellent choice that is more comfortable on the pocket as well as cost-effective. Inspect your windows every year before winter to make sure you don’t have any leaks or cracks.

Get new carpet

If you someone who loves the feel of soft rugs in every room, then you would know that the average carpet has a life expectancy of just a few years if used in a shared room or area that you share with, such as the number of people and pets. Rips, tears, stains, and odours that remain even after a good cleaning are signs that its time to buy a new one.

With these pointers in check, your eyes will always welcome a neat and elegant home that will remain a beautiful sight.