Have you ever heard about homes being 100% Vastu compliant? But what is Vastu Shastra for a home? And how is it suitable for you? Read ahead and find out. 

We as humans spend most of our lives indoors. All living organisms in the Universe, primarily us humans emit energy, and the area that we live in have vibrations of positive and negative energy that surround us. When we live in a place built in such a way that it only invites in positivity, then our haven becomes a piece of heaven on Earth.

How do we invite this positive energy? How can we make our haven a place for positivity to reside? The answer is simple, Vastu for the house. Positive energies are the ones which have a pleasing effect on us, whereas negative energies are unhealthy for our well-being. Vastu directions for the house help in eliminating the negativity and enhance the positive energy at your place and this help in bringing in prosperity and progression.

Let us dive into what Vastu Shastra is all about and how it works. Our home is a place where our family lives, a place that makes it homely with love, warmth, passion and emotions.  All these feelings are vibrations that travel around us and across. Everything is happy and vibrant until the negativity seeps in. To maintain the excellent vibe, read on how Vaastu helps in doing so.

Main Entrance:

Vastu interiors are built, keeping in mind the directions that rooms and doors face. Let us start from the main entrance, a point of entry not only for the family members but mainly for the energy to pass through. 

  • The main door should face either the North or East or the North-East direction and construct in a way that you always meet these directions whenever you step out. It is believed to be “archway to victory and progress in life.” 
  • The wood used to make the main entrance door should be of premium quality, and it is to tower all the other entries at home. A well-lit entrance welcomes abundant positive energy.

Living Area:

It is the place which is full of activity all day long and advised to keep it clutter-free. 

  • The living area should be facing either the North or the East or the North-East or the North-West. 
  • Place all the electronic appliances in the South-East section of the room, and if you want to hang a mirror, it should be on the North wall. 
  • The West or South-West direction of the room is to be occupied by the heavy furniture. 


The Brahmasthan is the centre most area of your home. It is believed to be the holiest and the most powerful section of the whole house. For the Brahmasthan to radiate endless energy, let us get to know a few thumb rules:

  • Keep this area of the house clutter-free.
  • Avoid the placements of kitchen, bathrooms or pillars nearby as this attracts negative energy.
  • Approximately1-1.5 metres of the Brahmasthan should be kept free of any obstructions or any built-up area.


Vastu tips for your home play an important role when it comes to designing the rooms. If the room and its furniture are placed as per Vastu directions, it is beneficial to couples and their kin as it improves relations and enhances the energy surrounding you.

  • It is ideal if the bedroom faces a South-West direction as it brings in prosperity and good health. 
  • Place the bed in the South-West direction.
  • Don’t place a mirror or TV in front of the bed as the reflections may cause fights or disruptions. 
  • Select a neutral colour for the walls and use aromatic essential oils to create an oasis of calm.

Vastu Shastra or Vastu for homes is an ancient science behind the enhancing of positivity at home and the elimination of negativity. It works as a guide to own a home with harmony and prosperity. Find centrally and strategically located plots surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and build your own Vastu compliant house with Address Maker.