It always feels great to have some space around you. Living in a spacious home adds a welcoming feel to your rooms, making them look more neat and tidy. The revolutionized world is moving towards a minimalist living and having open spaces help them in achieving that look.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your living space appear larger, no matter the actual size of your room. Here are four simple DIY tips and tricks to make your rooms feel more spacious.

Re-arrange your furniture

There are unlimited options to consider when it comes to positioning your furniture. Arranging sofas and peg tables along with the wall is an efficient way of creating pathways that make moving around a lot easier. Large mirrors can be hung on the walls to give an illusion of big open spaces. It works exceptionally well in the living room since it is where the crowd gathers in your home.

Several props such as a multi-compartment bar cabinet, upholstered tank chairs, wall mounted shelf, etc. can be used to make the “large room illusion” more apparent. Adding in plants helps in filling the empty spaces while adding another dimension to a room.


Added verticality

You can make rooms appear taller with the help of your props and furniture. Adding a shelf and filling it up with books or any other accessories will attract eyes upwards. You can add shelves on top of your doors or windows since the space above them is not used much. Installing them in such places will also give them a unique and less cluttered appeal.

Apart from adding furniture, you can also suspend furniture from the ceiling to elongate the storage space below them. Hanging furniture is extremely useful in increasing storage space. Unusedpaces below beds, couches, almirahs can be used to accumulate and store unwanted junk in one place, hence freeing up a lot of space in other rooms.

The more stripes, the bigger

Striped rugs can go well with the length of the room. Choosing an optimal rug with the appropriate shades and design patterns can make a room look bigger or small accordingly. For instance, a carpet with vertical stripes will work much better want manipulate the length of a room, the same goes for horizontal lines.

The contrast between the colour of the rug and the furniture in the room is also a crucial factor when it comes to making a place appear more spacious. Furniture with identical colours and patterns blend in with each other. Adding a different coloured rug will provide the room with the contrast hence giving an illusion that the place is more spacious than it is.


Structuring with colour code

The colour palette is another way to change the visual perception of the room. If appropriately used, a contrast colour coding can provide a definite structure to your places. With a different colour combination, you can make rooms appear open and cosy.

Fresh colours like blue, green, yellow are usually used to make your rooms appear larger. Controlling the contrast has a significant impact on the appearance. No contrast at all will result in your furniture thoroughly blending in along with walls, giving a nasty look to the arrangement. Similarly, overdoing the contrast might end up making the room feel more compact and suffocating.

Mixing and matching different colour combinations and arrangements might finally provide you with the spacious appeal that you are looking for. Although there are numerous ways in which one can achieve it, this article makes it easier to get started on the process.