Have you ever wondered what BDA approved stands for and how it forms an essential part of a property? Buying a plot requires a lot of research in the market, and it is crucial to assess all aspects of the property before indulging and investing in it. The most important point to investigate is the nature of the land and its authenticity. The land layout should be BDA approved and fall under its guidelines.

But what is a BDA approved layout?

BDA stands for Bangalore Development Authority, which is a is a regulatory body that oversees the planning & development of infrastructure, provision of sites & services, the housing needs of underprivileged citizens of Bangalore. BDA is the largest land developer, and its permission is mandatory to develop any land in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region.

The state Town Planning Department assists BDA in preparing the Master Plan for Bengaluru Metropolitan Area, layout plans and approving development plans for layouts and group housing schemes.

The advantages of BDA approval are:

  • Providing sites, zoning, regulation and planning infrastructure development related to residential, commercial and industrial purposes.
  • Taking care of the housing requirements of the underprivileged.
  • Overseeing urban development functions in infrastructural requirements.
  • Approving building plans in areas governed by BDA, and development plans for layouts and group housing.
  • Monitoring and managing property records, and protecting properties of BDA and Green Belt area from encroachment and unauthorized constructions, through the Special Task Force or Vigilance Department.
  • Allotting shops or office spaces in BDA Complexes through the Estate Section, and collecting a license fee.
  • Acquiring lands required for executing various developmental schemes executed by the Engineering Department, through the Land Acquisition Department.

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What do we know about BBMP and its role?

Bruhat Bengaluru Municipal Palike (BBMP) is an administrative group that maintains and manages civic amenities and infrastructural assets of the Greater Bangalore metropolitan area. It is responsible for the property tax collection, with a right to collect taxes from illegally constructed buildings in Bengaluru.

Some of their responsibilities are:

  • Zoning and building regulations
  • Maintenance of roads, bridges, open spaces and water bodies
  • Waste Management and ensuring healthy hygiene in the city

What is a Khata?

A Khata refers to a legal document that is used for computing, filing & evaluating property tax and identifies the owners that are liable to pay taxes in Karnataka and this vital document is maintained by the municipal corporations. It holds all the property details, such as the owner’s details, property size, location, carpet area, built-up area, tax assessment, and property identification number. The most significant advantage of buying a BDA allotted property is that the Khata document is clear and approved.

Importance of Khata

It is mandatory for all properties that fall within the limits of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to get a Khata certificate to obtain building licenses, layout plan approvals, and bank loans, electricity and water connections in different parts of the State.

Let’s see how a Khata benefits:

  • It is applicable to the people of Bengaluru
  • Evaluates the owner of the property
  • Detailed property information
  • Helps to attain trading licenses, loans and more
  • Helps to file and pay property tax
  • Helps in getting water and electricity connections

Types of Khata

The Khata certificate is segregated under two categories – ‘A’ Khata and ‘B’ Khata

‘A’ Khata is issued to a property which has obtained all permissions from the concerned authorities and adhered to all building bylaws and taxation standards. This document assists property owners towards home loans, building plans and occupation certificates easily.

‘B’ Khata is issued to a property that has violated the building bylaws or have property tax dues. A register is maintained by BBMP and pertains to Section 108A of the Karnataka Municipal Act, 1976, revised in 2009. Any temporary document needs to be converted into ‘A’ Khata.

Any Khata that is filed or issued online is known as an ‘E’ Khata, and it allows property holders to make online payment of their property taxes.

The documents required to obtain a Khata are:

  • Property Location
  • Layout Plan
  • Possession Document
  • Attested copy of title deed
  • Allotment papers issues by State Housing Board
  • Previously paid tax receipts

No property owner would be happy to come under the ‘B’ Khata category; hence, they have an option to transfer to ‘A’ Khata by paying ‘Betterment Charges’.