With rising population and city limits expanding, commuting to work is a significant hassle for most people. Most office-goers in the city find themselves spending a lot of time in traffic. A long travel time to work result in frequent late arrivals at the office, but it also impacts the employee’s productivity. This issue has given rise to the walk-to-work culture phenomenon, wherein people prefer living near their workplace. Urban cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad are witness to this trend. These cities face a chuck of their traffic congestion in peak hours and the daily commute to the workplace can be very taxing. It’s conventional wisdom to be living close to your office. It has some valuable advantages which cannot be ignored. Here are five such benefits:

Saves time

It is the most significant and the most obvious advantage of living close to the office. The time that had been previously spent stuck behind the in a car or public transport. In cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, it is usual for people to spend hours in traffic before getting to the office. About four hours are wasted every day in transit. If people lived near their offices, they would save over 80 hours a month!

Saves money

Another advantage of living near the office is that you can save a lot of money. A chunk of your monthly salary goes towards your commute irrespective of whether you have a personal vehicle or use public transport. This change is most noticeable for people who own cars and often complain about rising fuel costs. When you stay close to the office, you can significantly reduce the price that was previously spent on commutation. This has an indirect benefit as well because it lowers the wear and tear of the vehicle, which means lower maintenance expense.

Reduces Pollution

Living closer to the workplace is mutually beneficial for the environment and you. The more time you spend in your vehicles, the more pollution and carbon footprint you create. By cutting down your commute, you indirectly help the mother heal.

Health benefits

Choosing to live near your workplace can have significant health benefits as it allows you to reach your office on foot or a cycle. Cycling or walking are great forms of exercise. Instead of spending hours crammed in public transport, walking or cycling are great ways to get some exercise into your busy schedule. Alternatively, the extra time that you spend in travelling to work can be dedicated to physical fitness. Any form of exercise routine is hugely beneficial as it helps you undertake the pressures of corporate jobs.


Having a home near the workplace provides an employee with greater flexibility in his/her daily schedule. You do not need to wake up as early and can sleep a little bit extra. It also gives the employee the flexibility to reach home quickly in case of an emergency or a homemade lunch.

Hence, living near the office has multiple benefits which can help you escape the daily hassle of a commute. It can also give more flexibility with your time. Whether you use this time to spend with your family or pursue other interests, living near your office can contribute to a better work-life balance, the lack of which can stress an employee out quickly.