A comfortable home for a happy family

Buying a new home is a challenging task. Especially more so when choosing a family-friendly home.  A family friendly home accommodates the needs of a family comprising of adults, kids and elderly parents. A few basic parameters need to be verified to decide if a house is family friendly. This ensures that you can live without any regrets and not face any hassles after buying a home.

Here is a list of tips you must consider before buying a family friendly home.

Size: If you are sharing your living space with more than four people, it is advisable to have a large living room, big kitchen with a dining area, open floor plans for better access, and multiple bathrooms. Also, it is comfortable for children and elders to have their own space with separate bathrooms, as you do not want to have people lining up for using the bathrooms every day.

Safety: If you have a new-born at home or elderly parents who face difficulty in walking, avoid homes with slippery flooring. Also, verify the neighborhood criminal record to assess the area’s safety. Emergency services such as hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and police should be easily accessible.

Location: Good schools located in the neighborhood will make life simpler for your kids. Ensure that the commute from the area to your workplace is hassle free. Easy access to public transport facilities is extremely advantageous for your kids and elderly parents, if they cannot drive to go somewhere.Ensure that the roads in the area are safe to cross for your kids and parents.

7 Tips for buying a family friendly home

Ample playing space is important for kids

Outdoor space: A wide lawn, patio, or a backyard is a boon for your kids and parents. Additional facilities such as swimming pools,play areas, courts, and activity centers near your home can help your kid get the necessary amount of outdoor activity. Community centers and parks in the area offer excellent recreational opportunities for adults as well.

Storage: Families accumulate a lot of stuff as they grow. Be it toys, books, newspapers, groceries, old furniture and other collectibles, the list never ends. A well planned storage space is essential to keep your place organized and clutter free. Having extra storage space is advantageous as the space can be converted as required.

Durability: Any home with delicate fixtures is a strict no-no for kids. Easy-wipe wall paints, sturdy tap fixtures and strong doors and door knobs are all extremely important in a home. A durable home has a long life and also offers a good resale value.

Separation: Choose a home layout that separates the living and sleeping areas. No one would want their personal bedrooms to be directly accessible from the living room of the house.  A well planned layout gives you the necessary privacy in your home.

Family friendly homes have friendly neighborhood communities, parks, and many other amenities, and are appreciated by elders and kids alike. The Address Makers, one of the reliable real estate companies in Bangalore, offers luxury villas in Bangalore and flats for sale in Whitefield. These homes accommodate all the needs of a family without compromising on luxury. So, invest wisely in your choice of a home and enjoy a blissful living experience.