New-age real estate companies, developers, architects, and interior designers are continuously raising the bar in terms of architectural landscape design, innovative materials, amenities, and facilities. Homes have become much more than just comfortable living spaces and nobody is complaining.


Your home is a reflection of your personality

In the recent times people recognise and understand that home design has become intrinsic to the expression of self. Every home has a story and the story is best told through design. It is no more just about affording a designer home, but also to recognise, acquire, and put together unique objects and ideas that reflect your personal style and not ‘what’s in’.

Wondering how to get the whole personality display in your home, right? Here are a few home décor tips to guide you into adding chutzpah and an inimitable style to your home.

  1. Start with the main entrance of your house. How would you want it to be? Cheery, classy, welcoming? Have the main door painted in a color that suits your idea of a perfect entrance. Remember, the entrance sets the tone of your interior space.HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME DECOR SPELL YOUR PERSONAL STYLE

    Include unique objects you own as part of your home décor

  2. We all have a few objects lying around in the house that we feel a strong connection to. They may be heirloom pieces, pictures, holiday souvenirs, or artwork. The positivity that these elements bring to us and our living spaces is a reason enough to keep them for good. They might not be of the greatest value and might need a new lease of life.Renovate them, paint them, or mix them with newer home wares to make eclectic arrangements. Remember that objects that pull your heart strings should occupy a center stage in your home.
  3. Pay as much attention to your bedroom as you do to the rest of the house. Your bedroom is your haven, the space you spend most of your time in. It’s where you unwind, relax and re-energize. Truth is, most of us focus on spaces that host guests and neglect the most important space of the house – our bedroom.HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME DECOR SPELL YOUR PERSONAL STYLE

    Use pillows in various colors and patterns to make your bedroom vibrant

    Make your bedroom a technology free zone, throw in a few playful colors, patterns, and textures and install artwork that inspires you or delights you. Mix and match your linen according to the ‘feel’ of the room and see the difference it makes to the vibes it emits.

  4. Have you been tucking away loved objects that you think don’t go with the latest trends, don’t match with your interiors, or don’t look appealing? These are the things that add a personal touch to your home. They spell ‘you’. Don’t worry about them being quirky, unusual or downright ugly to others. Show them off with pride.

There you go! Play with scale and size, colors and textures, arrangements and solo elements till you achieve your personal style. Experimentation is the key here. We hope that you found this article helpful. Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas with us.