Kids love homes which offer open play spaces

Gated community or a non-gated community? This is a constant dilemma which many people looking to buy a new home face. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gated communities are perceived to be secure and equipped with state of the art facilities whereas non-gated communities tend to be lighter in the pocket.

We will look into the important aspects to be considered while buying a home and see how both of gated and open communities fare in each of these parameters.


Security is a primary concern for choosing a new home, more so in the case of families with kids. A gated community has a designated security establishment offering round the clock protection. They also keep track of the visitors to the compound. Privacy is also one of the key elements of a home in a gated community. Contrastingly in an open-community, residents have to rely solely on their neighbourhood security provisions if any.


Our “The Gran Carmen Address”-Phase 1 has zero vehicular movement on ground level

Traffic regulation:

Speeding vehicles in the neighbourhood are a constant cause of worry for all parents. A gated community with limited vehicle entry and reduced driving speed is a perfect option for those who prefer to have a quiet, safe and traffic free neighbourhood.In open communities, it is not possible to predict or regulate the neighbourhood traffic.


Proximity to schools, hospitals, malls, offices etc. is another important factor to be considered while choosing a home. An open community may have all these facilities within the neighbourhood, at a comfortable walking distance. Few gated communities ensure that they are located in the vicinity of prime locations, while others tend to be on the outskirts. A buyer must be careful and evaluate all his options before making a purchase.


Gated communities offer modern amenities for recreation


This is one area where gated communities have a huge advantage over open communities. With club houses, activity centres, pools, parks, and play areas, gated communities offer the best facilities for your kids. Additionally, the roads within the community are also maintained properly.

Pricing and maintenance:

Every home owner should consider the expenses associated with purchasing a home. Homes in gated communities offering a host of facilities may turn out to be costlier than those in an open community. Also, the cost of maintenance is high in gated communities. In case of any repairs or development projects undertaken in a gated community, the home owners may have to contribute for the same.

Open communities may be relatively affordable, but they do not warrant the additional facilities which are ensured in a gated community. The Address Makers, real estate developers in Bangalore, offer apartments in EPIP, Whitefield Bangalore, luxury villas in Sarjapura Road, and lake-view Villas and plots in Electronic city. These gated communities in the prime locations of the city are equipped with the best amenities and are available at competitive prices.

Invest wisely to live a comfortable and memorable life with your family.  We hope this article helps you in your search for a dream home. Please feel free to share your opinions with us