Purchasing a lakeside villa or constructing your new home by a lake is surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Having your home close to nature allows you to feel the cool breeze from the lake and breathe fresh air that boosts your health & soothes your soul, isn’t that the ultimate dream! Additionally, lake view villas or cottages are an attractive investment as their localities are generally peaceful. Since lakes aren’t located in congested urban areas, you can enjoy a calm, peaceful and green neighborhood

 In this article, we will share a comprehensive guide that consists of all the important factors you should consider before buying a lakeside house.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Lakeside Home

The Type of the Lake

You must have a specific reason behind purchasing a lakeside home. Once you are clear on that reason, inspect the lake to see if it meets your requirements. Suppose you’re planning to boat around the lake every afternoon, in that case, the overall view and ambiance of the lake should come first on your priority list.

 Some buyers prefer lakeside homes as they love fishing. If you’re one of them, inspect whether the lake by your house allows you to do that.

Information About the Shoreline

The shorelines of different lakes are supervised and maintained by different government agencies and maintenance organizations. While dreaming about a lakeside home, you must have thought about landscaping your house in a picturesque manner. Before turning your plans into reality, gather enough information about the shoreline of the lake by your house.

 According to shoreline maintenance agencies, illegal construction near lakes promotes shoreline erosion and leads to damage. So, gather adequate information about the shoreline maintenance guidelines applicable for the lake by your house.

The Lighting Conditions

The lighting conditions of a lakeside home are way different from urban homes. Conventionally, lakeside areas are more open and less congested. So, the construction of your lakeside home should be based on lighting conditions.

 If you’re buying a home by an east-facing lake,  your bedroom or drawing room shouldn’t face the lake. Otherwise, your house will get hot throughout the day, especially during summer. In such a scenario, it’s better to have a balcony that lets you enjoy the morning sunlight while having your first cup of tea.

 Similarly, you need to plan the construction of your lakeside home according to the position of the lake and the lighting conditions.

Safety of the Lake

Not all lakes are safe and eco-friendly. Some lakes consist of pollutants, unwanted organic components, or infectious properties. So living by a lake that’s not properly maintained can make you and your family sick.

 Get the water tested to become aware of the condition of the lake before proceeding with your construction. Do a thorough inspection before making a decision.

Permission to Cut Down Trees by Your Lakeside House

Almost every lake happens to be surrounded by greenery. When you plan to buy a lakeside home, you may think of clearing some portion of greenery around your house. You can face legal consequences if you do that without proper authorization.

 To clear lakeside vegetation, you’re supposed to approach the forest department. They’ll inform you how much vegetation you can clear by a lake.

 Generally, the forest department has specific guidelines about vegetation elimination in lakes or other conservative areas. So, it’s advisable to get permission before you clear lakeside vegetation by your house.

Maintenance Costs

You may need to spend a lot more to maintain a lakeside home than a regular house. Usually, a lakeside house is more open and exposed to nature. So, extreme weather conditions and seasonal calamities may damage the exterior and roof of your home. Naturally, the maintenance costs will go up and you might face trouble dealing with them.

These are the few key factors to keep in mind while searching for a lakeside home. If you keep a close check on these, you’ll rarely face any issues in your new lakeside home.

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