Purchasing a plot at any location seems quite straightforward. However, it isn’t! As problems begin when you don’t use the plot immediately after purchasing. After all, you can’t always be there by your plot to protect it. That’s why post-sales support is quite important.

 Investing in plots is gaining popularity amongst investors as a stable investment option. Most earners are planning to purchase plots in local and distant lands as investments to be sold at higher prices in the future. With higher plot purchases, the necessity of post-sale support has become an absolute priority.

 However, it’s sad that most plot owners still don’t recognize the significance of post-sale support. This article focuses on the main reasons you should focus on getting stellar post-sale support to protect your plot.

What is Post-sale Support in Real Estate?

Even after purchasing the plot, several things need to get done at that location. From plot maintenance to troubleshooting related legal complications, everything gets covered in post-sale support services.

Who’s Responsible for Providing Post-sales Support?

 Ideally, the contractor who sold you the plot remains liable to offer post-sale support facilities too. So, keep in touch with the contractor and don’t hesitate to trouble him/her for all the post-sales support you’ll need.

What are Post-sale Activities in Real Estate?

The types of post-sale activities are dependant on the nature of the industry. In the real estate sector, the list of post-sale activities is quite long and all of the services are extremely necessary. Let’s have a glance at the main activities included under real estate post-sale:

Issues Related to the Purchase

The process of purchasing a plot involves several vital steps and a bunch of documents to get completed successfully. Buyers often lose track of their documents and post-purchase legal formalities as there are so many of them. In such a case, the property realtor is liable to guide his client on the right track. Even if a client loses an important document or file, the realtor is supposed to assist in the document recovery process as well.

 Sometimes, plot purchases remain unfulfilled due to multiple issues even after successful payments. In such cases, the realtors or contractors need to figure out the reasons behind the delays and sort them out. This is an essential activity that comes under the post-sale category.

Plot Maintenance 

It’s impossible for a buyer to supervise his plot manually every day. That’s why you must buy from a realtor who offers dedicated post-sale facilities. Plot maintenance is considered one of the most important parts of post-sale facilities in real estate. Open lands and plots often become dumping grounds for the neighbouring residents.

 Apart from that, weeds may grow uncontrollably in your land if you don’t tend to it. It can even affect the quality of the soil. As a result, later on, you’ll face difficulties in constructing your home on the damaged land and need to invest a lot to repair that.

 When your realtor assures you about post-sale assistance, you can remain worry-free about the maintenance of your land. Moreover, since land maintenance is their duty, they ought to provide you with these services.

Plot Protection

Plot protection comes next in the list of necessary post-sale activities. When your realtor offers post-sale assistance, he is supposed to arrange necessary protection for your plot.

Also, the neighbouring landowners may end up encroaching portions of your land when you don’t visit the plot for a long time. You won’t be able to detect that unless you measure your land and keep track of it regularly.

 Such problems can be overruled by arranging protective measurements for your land. You can expect to get plot protection assistance from your realtor as a part of post-sale assistance too.

Property Tax Payments

 Keeping track of the due tax payments related to your plot can be quite overwhelming. The task becomes more complicated when you’ve just purchased land and you don’t have enough experience in dealing with tax affairs.

 However, property tax payments are regulatory and you’re bound to pay them timely. Otherwise, your plot will get seized by the tax department over time. Your property realtor is supposed to assist you in making property tax payments timely too.

How Important is Post-sale Support?

 As you go through the list of post-sale activities mentioned above, you’ll realize that all of these activities are mandatory. But, the real question is: will you be able to find enough time from your busy schedules to complete all of them? Probably not. The scenario is similar for all working individuals who purchase plots as investments or plan to build homes on those plots much later in their life.

 When your realtor or contractor takes care of your land, you don’t need to do anything yourself. Your land or plot will remain secure, clean, and protected. Also, you don’t have to go through legal procedures manually.


As a plot buyer, you must lay importance on post-sale support. While most realtors offer complementary post-sale support services, others charge for such services.

Do your research and make an informative decision while planning to invest in a plot.