There’s something charming about decorating your home with hanging plants, they can brighten up your indoors in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking to bring nature into your home, we‘ve curated a list of the best indoor hanging plants that can elevate the look of your home.

Read on to find some useful tips & tricks on how to decorate a home with plants.

Decorate Homes with Stylish Indoor Hanging Plants

If you’re unsure about how to arrange plants in your living room, here are some suggestions:

Place indoor hanging plants on space-efficient ladder plant stands, box windows of your home, or you can even plank them on the top of the furniture or other objects.

Speaking of plants…

Ivy plants would be a great option if you desire to have an elegant plant for your living room. However, be careful of their immense growth potential as it might be problematic sometimes.

Besides, you could prefer low maintenance airier plants if you don’t have spare time at your hands.

Apart from that, you can also check many stylish containers and hanging methods to provide your home with a sophisticated look. To get more ideas about how to decorate a living room with plants, go through our unique designing tips mentioned below:

Hanging Tips with Pots

Type of Pots

You can use clay-based pots for plants that resist overwatering. On the other hand, ceramic pots are good for plants that require humid climates.

Shape of Pots

While wide containers allow the plant to spread its roots horizontally, tall and thin containers offer a vertical orientation to the plants.

How to Position the Plants

It would be best to hang long plants in a higher position to ensure their vines and leaves spread on the floor. Additionally, you could keep the small plants lower (or on the ground) for a compact & cozy look.

Styling Techniques

With Hanging Terrarium

Preserve the air plants in an attractive terrarium to provide them with a customized habitat. Also, make sure that the plants are getting enough air circulation inside the hanging terrarium.

Kokedama Garden style

In this uniquely creative Japanese gardening style, the hanging procedure involves wrapping a plant’s root in moss instead of placing it in a pot. After that, you’ll hang the moss from the ceiling to achieve an elegant look.

Modern Jungalow Style

To get this style right, you’ll need to hang your plants close to industrial furniture. Then, utilize the exposed pipes in such a way that ivy plants can climb up with them. Eventually, it will create a modern jungle-like design.

Plant Hangers

Use a jute plant hanger to provide your plant container with a twisted look. Moreover, you could also tie up the knots of the hanger tightly so it does not fall from the ceiling.

Efficient Indoor Hanging Plants

Here are some of the best indoor hanging plants for your home:


Since soil’s not essential for their survival, Tillandsia (or air plants) are one of the best indoor hanging plants you can grow. Moreover, you can place them in your house wherever you want.

As we mentioned above, you can also hang the air plants in terrariums consisting of colourful baubles and accents.

Arrowhead Plant

Also designated as five fingers due to their leaves’ changing shape, these arrowhead plants can add an undeniable charm to your indoor garden. But, do remember that these arrowhead plants need humid weather for their survival. So, place them in the bathroom or kitchen for better growth.

Boston Fern Plant

Similar to Arrowhead plants, Boston ferns also prefer humid weather. So, keep these plants at a distance from the ceiling to permit regular air circulation.

Its feather-like elegant-looking fronds can change the ambience of your home in a finger-snap. Moreover, the Boston Fern plays a vital role in purifying the air of its surroundings. So, it’s an excellent choice for hanging plants in the bedroom or living room as well.  

Golden Pothos

Want to make your daily life more colourful? Choose Golden Pothos plants. Here’s what you need to do to maintain them well: expose these plants directly to a light source.

Pothos refines airborne toxins and purifies the air. Moreover, its golden yellow leaves also add a pop of colour to the interiors of your home. So, place a Golden Pothos plant in your bedroom and improve your sleep quality every single day!


Ivy is a wonderful and bright houseplant you can easily find in brick or stone walls of buildings. They’re pretty simple to grow at home too.

Simply place it inside a hanging basket and let the leaves droop down loosely for an elegant look.

Moreover, you don’t have to stick to the basket idea; you can also create a magnificent ivy wall to show off their vines. They’re not just perfect for smaller rooms, the English Ivy plants are also competent for relatively larger rooms.

Pitcher Plant

We all know that pitcher plants are carnivorous as they do not get proper nutrition from their native soil. Clean water along with moist soil is the foremost requirement of these plants. You can keep these plants inside your kitchen or living room to get rid of unwanted insects and accentuate the beauty of your home.


If you’re new to decorating, start with easy-to-care-for indoor hanging plants.

These indoor hanging plants are quite affordable and easy to maintain. So, even a newbie planter can start planting and reap its aesthetic benefits easily.