Initial Public Realty Offering

IPRO is the process of price discovery that involves generating and recording investor demand for property using Book Building process before arriving at a Project Launch price.

Under IPRO, the potential buyer gets to decide fare price value within specified price band

Right price determined by supply-demand mechanism, open inventory, choice of investment size and investor friendly scheme.

Ease of buying a property from the comfort of your home.

Booking amount is Rs.10,000/-

Payment options - Credit Card, UPI & Online banking

Allotment is done basis the cut-off price & the total number of bids

  • Cut-off Price:
    • Bidding starts from 09:00 hrs on 17th Oct 2020
    • Every Bidder has 7 price slots to choose from ranging from INR 2500 to 2800/-
    • Bidding closes by 19:00 hrs on 22nd Oct 2020
    • After receiving all the bids till 19:00 hrs on 22nd Oct 2020, the cut-off price will be determined basis the number of bids against a price slot.
    • Assuming there are 200 units available, the bids ranging from the highest price slots will be considered in a descending order till we arrive at the same number as the units available.
    • The cut-off price would be the price slot at which we arrive finally, while considering bids in descending order starting INR 2800/-
    • The below example gives an understanding of the mentioned process.
  • Allotment Process:
    • The Units shall be allotted to those who placed their bids above the cut-off price. All the bids above cut-off price also shall get the units at cut-off price only.
    • Considering the above example where bids have been placed at the cut-off price, the units shall be allotted on first come first serve basis. Out of the 55 bids placed at INR 2600, only the first 25 bids shall be considered since it sums up to 200, the total units available.

We will refund the entire booking amount within 30 days.

No. Not possible during the scheme period

It will be credited into the same account / wallet / credit card account from which it was debited.

Though it isn’t mandatory, you can visit if you wish to.

Yes, we are partnered with all the leading Banks