Investment in plots has always been in demand in Bangalore but post-pandemic, the rise in popularity is palpable. The pandemic has taught us the importance of a private space away from congestion and clutter. It has also put the focus back on nature, healthy living, and organic eating habits. All these have catapulted real estate popularity, encouraging residents to invest in plots in Bangalore.

In this article, we are going to expand on this a little further.

The role of COVID-19

Physical distancing was critical to safeguard ourselves from the novel virus. Consciously maintaining physical distance for the last 2.5 years has made it a way of life – a much preferable and needed one. This is why residents in the core of the city are looking to move to less populated areas where they are surrounded by fewer people and more greenery.

COVID-19 has also forced us to rethink our food habits and lifestyles. Immunity was at stake during the pandemic and we all realized how crucial food is to boost immunity and protect ourselves from diseases. As a result, the demand for natural products, organic farms, etc. has gone up. At the same time, we must focus on achieving work-life balance, especially while working from home. That could be by engaging in physical activities every day and/or planning weekend getaways in and around the city.

Another point that we must mention here is that residential plots are a safe and wise investment. Only a few industries have been able to sustain the wrath of the pandemic and real estate is one of them. In fact, due to the aforementioned factors, it has had a hugely positive impact on sales. Thus, investment in plots is nothing short of a stroke of genius today.

Bangalore checks all the boxes!

While the impact has been felt everywhere, Bangalore has seen a significantly steeper rise in the demand for residential plots. The reason is simple: It meets all criteria!

· It is still the Garden City of India with lush greenery pretty much everywhere
· There are multiple villa plots for sale in Bangalore from some of the leading developers in the country
· The weather is indescribably great throughout the year
· The population is not very high, especially when compared to Delhi and Mumbai
· It is the Silicon Valley of India and the leading IT hub with a plethora of job opportunities in all sectors


Bangalore is getting a lot of attention these days and it deserves all of it. But, due to its attractiveness, the time is ripe to make purchases. The demand is expected to go up higher very soon along with the prices. If investment in plots is on your mind, the right time is now!

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