Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that defines principles of design, layouts, spatial geometry, etc. to align spaces with nature. This arrangement garners positivity and fosters happy living.

Contrary to popular belief, all directions are auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is common knowledge that the highest preference is given to north and east-facing homes but west and south are equally good choices. In fact, no matter how the property is placed, if you do not follow the guidelines of the ancient texts, they will not yield the rewards you are looking for.

In this article, we shall provide some excellent Vastu tips for home, especially those that are east and west-facing.

East-facing home design as per Vastu

East-facing homes top the charts because they invite sunlight early in the morning. Sun is a source of positive energy and that is why it is believed that wealth and prosperity are showered in abundance on those who live in these homes. A few things to keep in mind are as follows:

· The main gate must be in the east
· Ideally, there must be an open space before the main gate
· The flow of water must be towards the east
· The area in the east must be lower than the rest of the house
· You should avoid keeping garbage or clutter in the north and north-east corners
· The kitchen for an east-facing home design as per Vastu must be in the south-east
· The living room and pooja room must ideally be in the north-east direction
· The master bedroom should be the largest room in the house and should face the south-west
· Aloe vera, citrus, neem, and money plant are good plants for east-facing homes

These homes are the most ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, ministers, politicians, those in creative fields, and politicians. As per Vedic astrology, east-facing homes are a good choice for Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo Zodiac signs.

West-facing home design as per Vastu

West-facing homes bring wealth and mental peace. These homes are a good choice because they are said to foster relationships and great friendships. Those living in west-facing homes may have better social situations and no enemies. Here are a few tips to optimize your home:

· The main entrance must be in the west
· The master bedroom should be located in the south-west direction
· The living room can be in the west or the south-west
· The kitchen needs a little more attention in a west-facing home design as per Vastu – the person cooking should face the east. The entire kitchen can be in the northwest or south-east
· The deities in the pooja room must face the east while the person performing the pooja must face the east
· When you buy residential plots for sale in Bangalore, make sure that the south side is more elevated than the north
· The kids’ bedroom can be in the south, west, or north-west

West-facing homes are suitable for many professions including teachers, politicians, businessmen/women, and religious leaders. Those belonging to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will benefit the most from west-facing homes.


It doesn’t really matter which direction the house or plot is facing. What matters is whether it aligns with Vastu Shastra. While the main entrance is of paramount importance, other factors weigh in as well. Depending on the direction of your home, we advise you to incorporate these for health and happiness.

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