Isn’t it a familiar feeling that no matter where we have had our peaceful stroll, there is a relief in our heart when we reach our home? It is a sense of belonging and if the house fails to give us that feeling, it feels as though something is amiss. No matter the size of your home or if you have lavish chattels, there are always some magical tricks to make your house a home. Here is what you can do about it:

Add a member, a plant:  When NASA was finding ways to clean the space station’s air clean, they proposed that apart from absorbing carbon dioxide, the plants are also unbeaten in removing volatile organic pollutants as harmful as benzene. Thus, plants help to re-oxygenate naturally. There are very many varieties that you can choose from. They also add much brightness and a pop of colour to your room.  One can also try parlor palms or even snake plants. They require a little maintenance, but that too is a therapy to relax.


Decolourise: Some deliberately light coloured walls can help you keep away from the palette of stress coming in. There can be areas of the room painted more on the lighter shades & milder lightings when you intend to sleep or relax and sit with zero thoughts in your mind. You can paint your living area with lively colours so that it emanates energy when you want to have fun with your loved ones.


Make your light hug you: Natural light & warm sunlight helps bring freshness, improve mood, and even brings productivity. Overall, serenity! While the new normal made you spend most of your time at home, a well & natural-lit room that enhances your efficiency naturally is bliss. If windows couldn’t make the sunlight enter your abode wholly, then reflective surfaces are a solution. Large mirrors or lacquered pieces also can reflect the amount of falling light double the amount.


Could you give it some space?  Yes, you heard it right. We can’t connect more to the situation: Rattling up and down every pillow when you couldn’t find the car keys. You are rushing and twenty minutes are gone! It is common knowledge that setting the wardrobe or reorganising the unkempt piles helps to decimate the chaos that is even inside your brain. So, don’t worry if you are a proud maximalist, adore the interior enough to keep them at their right place.


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