There is a fear all the time of the presence of Coronavirus, this invisible threat is raging havoc across the globe. Every time someone visits your house or brings you something, you may be afraid of infection. To cleanse yourself, you can take a bath, but what about your home? Is it disinfected? Here are some tips:


Frequently touched points: There are some points at home that are contacted very often not only by its members but also by the outsiders, such as doorknobs, handrails & doorbells. Apart from that, one should also keep in mind the more prominent dwellers in the house, such as a table, refrigerator, kitchen furniture, and other electronic appliances.


Don’t forget the little musketeers: Your laptops, I-pads, and remotes, mobile phones that are carried in your hands most of the time need special attention and need to be sanitized regularly. Be cautious of your switchboards, but do not give them a miss!


Freshly brought items: When you return home from outside, being punctilious about sanitizing everything is of utmost importance. Your shoes and everything you touched while you were out, has to either be quarantined or appropriately disinfected. Do not forget what you brought from outside even if the superstore took extensive care of social distancing and sanitizing norms.


Personal Hygiene: Its importance can’t be piled on more. Science has proved that washing hands for 20 seconds is successful in killing germs and bacteria. It has to be done frequently and throughout the day. When you are outside, and soap is not available, sanitizer should be at arm’s length.


The whole world is facing the pandemic, and your nearest store may run out of the supply of cleansers. If the online markets are also running out of stock


Pro-tip to make your own home-made disinfectant:

All you have to do is take a one-quart spray bottle and pour 4 teaspoons of household bleach in it. Add a quart of water to the water and shake vigorously. Tadaa! It is ready. All you have to do is spray it and let it sit for 10 min and then wipe the surface with the wet cloth.

Keep in mind, not to mix bleach with any other cleaning chemical. It is likely to damage the surface or even discolour it. While dealing with bleach, remember to wear gloves, keep ventilation and be careful.