The festive season is upon us all the time of the year- a major part of which is get-togethers at home. And since you will be decked up, your home needs equal attention.  It is also the best time to revamp your house as it feels fresh and warm for you as well as all the dear ones that visit you for the celebrations.

A tasteful dining room is no longer just a luxuriant hanging crystal chandelier off the ceiling- alternate it and accessorize your space with aromatic candles and colorful flowers this festive season. Pop of color, using accents on walls, freshness, light, and warmth- artworks, furniture, accessories, and light! Just a few accessories with good assemblage help design the space better and make space for people – that’s what we want during a festive spirit – a welcoming home.

Here are a few ways of giving your home a makeover- friendly for all festive occasions:

Pick Bright colors

Use bright shades for home ornamentation throughout the festive occasions. As Indians, we’ve perpetually found solace in slightly brighter, socially functional color tones instead of western color palettes that are on the duller end. So, you’ll re-do the walls or add associate in an antique or two, that stands out.

Be specific regarding the Lighting

You need to be as careful as a theatre production team as it involves picking the right kind of lights!

Light plays a crucial role in setting the mood, whether it’s natural light or otherwise. During mornings permit natural light to sift through your windows and make associations with surroundings of casual spaces and ethereal voices. During the night, some spot or disco lights set a comfortable and musical mood. Therefore be specific regarding lighting throughout such occasions.

Don’t limit your banquet to your eating area

Rather than protruding to the traditional area, notice your atmosphere first- this may appear out of place, however, another way is to travel on the far side of your eating area. A casual sun porch or a screened in eating space with heat and glow of light will do wonders to the recreational house. The good factor concerning natural light or scenic expanse is that it adds a definite character- regardless of the theme.

Elevate with Table Etiquette

It’s a no-brainer that dining décor has long taken cues from the concerned aesthetic of table manners. Decking your table with serve-ware, including tumblers, trays, bowls, and other cutlery with compositions holding roots to India would be a great way to curate a contextual appeal to your setting. Pay attention to the details, and you will enable a deluxe setting in your dining corner.

Accentuate with house Adjuncts

Think table runners, placemats and coasters for a fine eating charm to your gathering. Try to weave in culture through style and compositions on these adjuncts. An end-to-end floor carpeting or one that’s capably placed around your table will add a huge charm to your eating ambiance. Assume elaborate patterns and take into consideration for a right balance between high-spiritedness and class.

Create vogue and blend compositions

Gone are the times of the conditioned eating- that just had enclosed and absolutely matched tables and chairs. Instead, stir up the pieces of furniture- design, structure, and décor for a glance that’s less deliberate and additional hospitable. The permutations are easy.

Accent with Accessories

Magazines are an excellent supply of home decorating ideas and inspiration for a way to decorate a space. Owners sometimes buy around for a budget-friendly version of something they see in popular style magazines. Accessories vary considerably in value, however, if you’re trying to find an excellent deal there are lots of discount home stores that supply large finds.

Be Extravagant on Statement items

Dining area tables, stand-out rugs, chandeliers, and sofas all have the power to upgrade a home’s sense of luxury. Determine a couple of key items that you simply see and use typically (especially if they’re ones that are visible from many alternative rooms) and judge if it is smart to allow a splurge. So select colors and materials that are simply cleansed and not stained or destroyed.


Rugs double up the glam quotient of your home. Vivacious colors like deep maroon, amber, electric blue with floral prints combat the dullness and add a splash of pop to your house. Rugs are simply the proper degree of refined and chic to supply the right background to your home décor this festive season. Rugs are usually a foundation for living rooms and bedrooms, but they could also play a vital role in the kitchen, baths and dining rooms too.

Do the big windows that let in the sun, an architectural light fixture, or a piece of bold artwork or decor. Complement your fixtures, carve out space, make the best use of color and let space have the warmth. That’s all you need!