With temperatures dropping, colorful leaves falling and the smell of pumpkin spice engulfing the air, Halloween cannot be too far. This spooky season is so much more than simply putting on scary movies, dressing up and going trick-or-treating. Decorate your home with items that have a certain sense of mystery and eeriness, while adding to the style factor of your space. Here’s how you can get into the Halloween ‘spirit’ with ease:

Orange is the new black

Changing the color scheme of a room completely changes the way your home looks and feels. Adding orange, grey and black accents to your existing upholstery is the easiest way one can get into the festive spirit without committing too much to it. Put out orange and grey throw-pillows on the couch, black bedspreads, and hang dark colored translucent curtains from windows to stay true to Halloween yet remain sophisticated.

Light up the candles

Placing candles and Jack-o-lanterns around the house is another way you could add some spookiness to your home without putting in too much of an effort. There are however certain things that you can do that automatically do this for you. Keep in mind that picking antique candle holders automatically adds an element of mystery to the décor. You could take this one step forward by adding a few faux spider webs and toy spiders in the area around the candles.

Decorate with what you have

Many times we do not realize that we don’t need to spend too much money to decorate our homes for the festive season. There is plenty that we can do with everyday things that are lying around our homes. For example, hanging a white cloth over a lamp with two black cut-outs for eyes makes for a friendly house ghost. Along with this, you can also cut out a few bats’ and witches’ silhouettes out of black paper and stick them on the walls.

Spruce up your walls

Fairy lights are a quintessential way to add an oomph factor to every festival. For Halloween, try hanging mason jars and fairy lights to a rope across an empty wall. The mason jars could contain spider toys that you can easily get from a local toy store. Add some spider webs and a few ghostly cut outs from black paper around these jars and lights, and your wall is ready.

Serve some scare on your plate

Put on your glasses and a lab coat because it’s time to experiment. Halloween is the perfect reason for you to try your hand at new and creative recipes that perfectly fit the holiday mood. There are tons of recipes you could find on the internet that not only taste good but also add to the décor of your table thanks to their creepy look.

Safety First

The most important thing for you is to keep safety in mind, without getting too carried away with the celebrations. This is especially important if you have kids or pets at home. Toddlers are unpredictable and might feel afraid of the decorations, so make sure that you tone things down to their level. Pets too might run around and create a mess out so make sure there are no damageable decorations on the floors of the rooms.

Happy Halloween everybody.