The Bengaluru weather is wonderful at the moment. The monsoon this year is particularly refreshing because the summer was harsher than ever before! We are sure you are ready for the weather but is your apartment too?

As much as we love monsoon, we hate the fact that it can spell doom for our precious home if we don’t take adequate care and prepare it for the forecast of heavy rains.

Dark clouds can definitely drive you indoors for protection but who will protect the indoors from the weather? You should! With this article, we shall shed light on some of the ways you can ensure that your apartment is safe and free from any monsoon-terrors.

Go on a maintenance and repair spree

We recommend that you check the entire house for loose wires, swollen doors, etc. to prepare for the monsoon. Here are a few tips:

  • Wax your hardwood and tiled floors
  • Seal any open tile joints in the bathroom
  • Repair all cracks and leakage points
  • If your door is swollen, it may be due to moisture. Get it fixed or replaced based on the extent of the damage
  • Check all the wires and electrical appliances, and ensure they are safe
  • Buy camphor or naphthalene balls and place them in all your cupboards to avoid dampness

Store all your kitchen items properly

Monsoon increases humidity in the air. This can spoil kitchen ingredients such as spices, sugar, and salt.

  • We advise you to buy air-tight containers and stock your items in them.
  • Do not store perishable items for a long time. Avoid buying surplus and finish the items within a day.
  • Disinfect your countertop regularly to avoid moisture and bacterial accumulation.
  • Use natural oils or fragrances such as lavender, camphor, and lemongrass to keep the damp odor away.
  • Empty your waste bins during nighttime to avoid insects and odor.

Add a few indoor plants to the décor

Monsoon is the best time for greenery indoors. During the rains, the plants are benefited by the breeze. They also absorb humidity in the air and ensure freshness. However, since insects breed rapidly during monsoons, you will need to take a little extra care and give them some more attention.

  • Do not water your plants in the evenings
  • Make sure there’s no stagnant water in and around the plants
  • Use pesticides or fungicides once a week to control pests
  • If you have a terrace garden, take measures to protect your young plants from heavy downpours

Roll in all the expensive carpets/rugs

Humidity has the potential to damage carpets. The texture can get ruined, and you will risk having to buy new carpets within a month or two. To avoid this hassle and the added cost, simply roll the carpets in and tuck them away for a snooze during the monsoon season.

Pay special attention to your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is prone to problems when it rains. Thus, you should take some steps to pamper it.

  • Apply varnish or polish on all your wooden furniture
  • Move furniture away from the windows
  • If you see any signs of termites or have suffered an infestation earlier, hire a pest control agency to scan the apartment and take necessary measures.

Note: If you have iron furniture, you can use anti-rust paint to protect it from moisture.

A clean, well-ventilated home will prevent moisture-related issues to a great extent. Make sure you follow all these steps as you welcome the monsoon to Bengaluru.