The festive season of the year is here again, a time to celebrate and embellish your nest. The season of traditional galore, there are endless options to revamp your home the conventional way with a touch of contemporary essentials. Traditional Indian decorations always tend to create a warm and welcoming ambience, which plays an essential role while hosting a festive get-together.

Let’s check out a few simple, yet chic ways to brighten your home this Diwali.

Entrance Adornments: 

Start by focusing on giving the entrance a bright makeover. A decked up and illuminated entrance is a pathway for all positive energies. A well lit up and decorated set up at the main door looking appealing and will make your guests feel warm and welcome. To name a few ways, try your hand at some light rangoli, floral decorations, festive figurines, bright coloured candles, diyas and more.

Festive Decor Tips

Themed Decor:

Planning a theme makes decoration much more relaxed and less time-consuming. With the rising trend of modern-day art, the variety of creativity of decoration available is limitless. You can go for a colour theme for the entire home, a casual decoration of just flowers and diyas, to elegant and elaborate festive ornamentation. 

A new style to use contemporary diyas:

Get innovative and try out different forms of diyas and candles to revamp the traditional process of decoration. A water-filled glass bowl with flower petals and floating candles placed in the living room looks beautiful. Fairy lights and lanterns spread across the house, brighten up your home in an instant and adds to the festive charm. 

Paint & Illuminate: 

Brighten up your home by painting it with warm and bright colours and that accentuate the home decor and make it look cosy and inviting. Shine through warm yellow-toned lights this Diwali to bring out the colours and the festive mood.

Decorative Impact: 

The decor can completely alter the look of your home. Up the colour quotient with vibrant and upholstery, linen and trinkets. From colourful curtains to cushions, rugs to table runners, eye-catching colours like red, maroon, blue and green hues are this season’s trend. Small ornaments like lamps, lanterns, contemporary figurines, Decorative frames and candles will enhance the visual appeal of your beautiful home.