Make your porch a peaceful piece of paradise in your beautiful home. Be it summer, monsoon or winter; it will be a great place to sit back and enjoy the space. What better way to refresh the look of your porch, than by the perfect lighting! Brighten the entry way with a hanging design, add style to the outside walls, use post lights to brighten the driveway or add some jazz with some stylish lighting fixtures.

‘What difference could a light make?’, one might think! But it is the right kind of lighting that makes all the difference. The lighting will enrich the experience while emphasizing the night air and add a sense of luxurious appeal. While patio furniture is an essential functional and decorative necessity, the right lighting will accentuate both effectively.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

Choose your style

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, there are varied options you could choose from. If you host many parties at home, you would want to have personal seating with warm lighting. If you enjoy cook outs, you can opt for slightly brighter lights. If you have a lot of children visiting over the weekends, you would want to have bright lights to ensure their safety. Or you could opt for a mix of varied light fixtures at different areas of the patio, or one light that has it all, with different light effect options.

Whatever your style or choice is, there are an assortment of lighting options that you can choose from and focus on ample lighting during night hours. Your patio too is an extension of your beautiful home and personalized style. We list 10 wonderful options below that are delightfully inspiring.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

1. String it up

String lighting adds a cozy ambiance to the patio seating area, while a small lamp would lend pleasing warmth for a quiet evening. Decorative knick-knacks alongside add to the appeal.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

2. Lights with LED

LED lights fixed under the furniture give a casual and modern vibe. It will add to the view while an energizing light sets the scene.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

3. Hidden LED’s

Implanted LED lights are another option that guarantees that there is ample atmospheric lighting. If there is a stairway, the hidden lights will add to the radiant area of the patio.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

4. Light from within

Another way to keep it cozy and private is to use the warm yellow lighting from inside the room, which will make sure that there is enough light on the patio and is cast in golden lighting to keep it comfortable.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

5. Projected Lighting

Projected lighting, with colored LED’s, lends a modern and chic style to the patio. You can accentuate it with red LED lights to give a fresh view to a backyard style.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

6. Sky lights

Sky lights will give you plenty of light. Add in some traditional furnishings with a neutral color palate and it will add warmth and depth to the patio. You can add some small natural plants with upward lighting to add a bit of nature to it.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

7. On the Wall

Wall lighting gives the patio an intimate feeling and makes for a perfect area for a barbecue evening. Club it with subtle textiles and tones to bring in a calm sense to the area.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

8. In the Floor

Floor lighting adds a lot of charm to the area with its barely visible and quiet undertones. The twinkling lights will light up the area into a style that is your very own.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

9. Through the Foliage

Lighting set through foliage will let you emphasize your surrounding landscape and will be perfect for small gatherings. Wooden chairs in the patio will be a great setting for late-night chats.

Light up your Porch, the Right Way!

10. Beyond the Garden

If you are one with nature and have a garden, then garden lighting will help display the garden and highlight pockets of it for an effective setting. It will also keep it cozy and fashionable at the same time.

There are many other options that you could choose from, like hanging lights, ground lights, solar lights, flush mount ceiling lights, walkway lights, flood lights et al. You could choose lights with motion sensors too, to increase security and lower energy costs.

These varied lighting expressions promise a personalized touch to your patio. The day to night transformation will be awe-inspiring and let it merge seamlessly with your home. Be it a small or big patio, you will be able to bring a colorful tone and stylish cue to it. Finish it up with accents and accessories that will compliment and complete your style with finesse.