The front door to your home speaks volumes about you; akin to how a picture can speak a thousand words or how a book’s cover conveys its contents. It is the first thing that is visible and can leave a lasting impression if it’s beautiful and efficient. It defines not just the entrance but also makes homes safe, creates a nice presentation and displays the lifestyle that your home offers.

The ideal front door should be something that is functional, practical, tough, affordable yet great to look at. It needs to have the right balance of aesthetic appeal, suitability, energy efficiency, practicality, security and of course, price.

Make the right choice

Front doors are not something that you will change often, so make the right choice before you invest in one; especially so since their upkeep and changes can be laborious and pricey.

Front door designs come in many styles, sizes, materials, colors, design, safety and prices to suit your taste and budget.

One thing to keep in mind is to be sure that it matches the overall design style and interiors of your home, so that it enhances the home appeal and creates a harmonious look. Strong contrasts look confusing while matching elements help create a pleasant, and beautiful home.

Here are some tips on how to step up your home’s front appeal with an attractive entry door.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient

What’s your budget?

The first thing to help you determine what kind of front door you want for your beautiful home is to understand what you are comfortable spending. It is very easy to go over board because of delays or not accounting all costs involved. It is an investment; so spend some time for some careful planning and decision making. Things to note are its upfront costs vs. long-term benefits, its life, maintenance charges, energy efficiency, weather protection and performance, painting, hardware and accessories and if required remodeling entry features like stairs, lighting, doorbell etc. You could choose a door that is energy-efficient and may cost more upfront, but in the long run can save you money.

What’s the material?

The material of your front door will affect performance, including durability, maintenance and appearance. Most doors are wood, steel or fiberglass; and come with panel styles that have decorative glass in patterns and textures.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient


If you want a classic appearance with your front door, then the safest bet is to opt for an authentic wood door with intricate grain patterns and color markings. In wood, there are many styles and options like different types of wood, panel styles, decorative glass, historic accents, trimmings and add-ons. Wood doors are not just natural and naturally beautiful, they are also warm, rustic and historic.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient


A steel door is comparatively affordable than other materials and are extra durable because they do not deform or crack. Most of them have a smooth surface unless it is mixed with wood and other panel designs and paint colors. They can be insulated to help with energy efficiency and keep the room warm.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient


Doors made of fiberglass give a genuine look and are high performing, energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain. The plus point here is that fiberglass offer a wide variety of panel styles, decorative glass and finish options, and they are dent-resistant.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient


Aluminum doors, like their steel counterparts, have an insulation core. They come in different styles and colors, with smooth or grain finishes. Since they have an enamel finish, they don’t need painting and don’t rust. Aluminum doors are most expensive after solid wood.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient

What’s the size?

It is essential that you determine what size door you want, since that will help you decide on the material and other things. And to determine the size, you need to first understand what size is your entryway or archway? A normal size entry door is roughly about 80 inches tall by 36 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Depending on your home, you might need a large, tall, wide, thick or a double door. Also decide if you want side panels, sidelights or any other decorative elements.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient

What’s your style?

This can be a tough choice, since it is something that will reflect the theme of your home. So, choose a style that matches the design element of your home and represents your personality. Want a traditional appearance, then opt for a classic wood paneled door; want to go in for something artistic, then include decorative glass panels. Choose materials, styles, finishes and hardware carefully to decide on your desired door style.

Choose a Front Door That's Beautiful and Efficient

Make it your style statement

You can make it your own little first impression style statement by adding aesthetic options of your own to make it more appealing. The choice is entirely yours to choose the color, finish, paint type and color. Take your door’s appearance to the next level by including privacy glass to allow in extra sunlight. Adding further embellishments like a door handle, peep hole and doorknocker that suits your style and taste will help you finish it with a flourish! You will have a stylish entry that will make a great first impression for years to come!