Planning to buy a plot to build your dream house can be an overwhelming, difficult and sometimes confusing decision as you may not be sure where to start.

 You might have a lot of questions about the factors to consider while buying a plot, especially if you are looking for a property in Bangalore. Buying open plots in Bangalore is a nuanced process with a lot of steps in between. However, if you’re prepared, you will get through the process easily. Moreover, you have plenty of choices as many plot developers in Bangalore are launching exciting projects.

Here’s a List of 7 Critical Questions to Ask Your Plot Developer Before Purchasing a Plot

Does the Builder have Legal Rights to Sell the Plot?

Make sure that the builder is the current owner of the land and he has legal rights to sell the plot.

 Ask for the documents showing that the developer has legal rights to sell the land. The developer must have undisputed legal ownership of the land. Instead of photocopy, try to get the original document and scrutinize it.

This way, you might save yourself from being scammed by fraud builders. As a smart buyer, you have every right to ask for these documents.

What is the NA Status?

Every piece of land in India can be categorized as either agricultural or non-agricultural. In the real estate industry, NA denotes non-agriculture land. By default, all the land is agricultural unless it’s specifically defined by the government.

There are various types of NA:

  • NA – Residential
  • NA – Resort
  • NA – IT
  • NA – Warehouse
  • NA – Commercial

Only plots categorized as ‘NA – Residential’ can be used to build residences. So, seek that clarity beforehand.

How Much Construction is Allowed?

When you buy a plot for building your residence, check how much construction can you do on it?

Check for Floor Space Index (or FSI) which is the percentage of space that can be used for construction on that particular land. Knowing the FSI value before buying a plot is very important as it affects how your final residence would look. The price of the land also depends on the FSI and not just on the area. Request your developer to share the document that has FSI details.

Is the Proposed Plot on Flat Land?

Before launching any project, don’t just look at the brochure because you will never get an idea about the plot. After all, images can’t tell if your plot is on a slope or flat land.

So, if you’re unable to visit the plot, ask your builder if the proposed plot is on flat land or a slope. Before investing your money, try to visit the site to check and verify yourself.

In big projects, the overall land acquired by the builder is uneven. After dividing this land into small plots, many plots might be on the slope. While buying a plot on a slope, you also need to take into account if you need to cut and fill the land due to a significantly elevated slope.

What are the Basic Amenities and Per Annum Maintenance?

Ask about all the basic amenities they’re going to provide. Along with this pertinent question, also ask about the water arrangement. Whether or not the water is going to be provided by the municipality?

Also ask the arrangement of basic facilities like:

  • Electricity backup
  • Electricity meter
  • Street light
  • Per annum maintenance
  • 24X7 security
  • Fencing of plots
  • Gardening

The maintenance is generally paid on an annual basis. And it is proportionate to your plot size. You should be aware of the amount to be paid every year for maintenance.

Will You Get an Individual 7/12 Extract in Your Name?

7/12 extract, also known as 7/12 uttara, is the document maintained by the revenue department that mentions how the land moved from one owner to another owner in the last thirty years. In short, it is the history of the land. With this document, you will also come to know the current owner of the land. You will not be a valid landowner until you get an individual 7/12 extract in your name.

What are the Other Projects Done by The Developer?

Before buying the best-plotted development in Bangalore from the builder, it’s important to know if the builder is trustworthy. A sure shot way to find out is to check if the builder has done similar projects before. Check the quality of those projects and reviews they have got from the customers. Are the owners of previous projects happy with the builder’s work? Are there any legal issues with the previous projects?

You can easily check this on the internet forums or their website. Search their previous project names and carefully go through each review. You can also plan a visit to their past projects before making a final decision. 

Other than these seven major points, there are some more tips you should consider:

  • Make at least 3 to 4 visits to the plot before making a final decision.
  • Don’t be in a rush. Take your time to think over it
  • Check out the development in the neighbouring locality
  • Research about the project online.

Final Thoughts

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