Thrilled to welcome the monsoon season with all the excitement? You’re not alone! Before you go enjoy your rain, it’s time you get your home ready for monsoons.

Take a look at these amazing ideas to give your home a complete monsoon makeover. Post hot and sunny summer days, the monsoon season is indeed a relief for all of us. After all, this season relieves us from the blazing sun with cool showers and breeze all around. Moreover, it’s also the time to brighten up your home.

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Here are five easy ways to revamp your sweet home and be ready to enjoy the monsoon season:

Declutter Your Home

Though we love rain, we can’t deny that it brings fungus, flies, and bugs along with it. Further, due to lack of sunlight, furniture and the corner walls can absorb moisture too. As a result, it leads to the accumulation of fungi and bacteria on the furniture surface as well as on the walls. To avoid that from happening, you need to make sure your furniture stays away from the wall.

As a natural therapy, use camphor balls and cloves under the mattresses and around the house to reduce moisture. If necessary, get pest control done in your home before it gets worse. To make your home bug-free, declutter your home and minimize your furniture before the monsoon starts.

Bring in Bright Colours

In case of heavy rains, simply sitting at home and doing nothing might make you feel dull. So, brighten up your mood by changing the colours of your interiors.

Psychologically speaking, bright colours do brighten up your mood and bring a lot of happiness. So, use pops of brighter colours to highlight certain corners of your home. If painting the house seems challenging, you can use brightly coloured cushions or throw in some colourful rugs to liven up your space.

Fun colours you could try this monsoon season:

  • Orange and Yellow – Creates a lively ambience.
  • Mint and Green – Soothes and calms the soul.
  • Turquoise – Is a luxurious choice for the monsoon.
  • Purple and Pink – Represents royalty and luxury.

Give your interiors a fresh vibe by adding colourful cushions, paintings, table lamps, vases, and other items. Use colour therapy to take away those monsoon blues.

Use Outdoor Well


Monsoon is the best time to make use of the outdoor spaces. Here’s how you make the most of your tiny balcony this monsoon season:

  • Invest in some monsoon-friendly furniture to sit and relax on the balcony or terrace.
  • Keep your indoor plants outside on the balcony as they retain moisture.
  • Place a small coffee table, chairs and add a bunch of colourful planters to this space.
  • Redecorate your outdoor space with hanging charms, windchime, colourful pots and creepers.
  • Enjoy the charm of raindrops and the scent of earthy smell from the comfort of your balcony.

Nothing feels as comforting as sipping a cup of coffee while consuming hot snacks while it pours. Further, when the delicate sound of wind chimes pairs with the sound of raindrops, you get the peace your soul truly craves. Experience all this and more by paying attention to your ignored balcony.

Keep Dirt Outside

Along with the fun and romance, the monsoon also brings soaking umbrellas, wet raincoats, and muddy shoes. You don’t want to be bringing all this dirt into your clean and beautiful home. Here’s how you keep it away:

Door Mat

Make sure to put a heavy-duty doormat at your doorstep which is made up of jute, rubber, or coir to keep the dirt outside. Everyone in your family along with your lovely guests can wipe their shoes on it before they enter the house.

To add a welcoming touch to your entrance, get doormats with colourful prints and welcome texts on them. This way, you protect the floor inside your house and stay away from dirt, germs, and mud.

Umbrella Stand

Umbrellas can leave water trails near the entrance as well as across the house when someone enters with a dripping umbrella. So, make sure to assign a corner for an umbrella stand. Additionally, you can accessorize this corner in such a way that it goes well along with the decor of your living room or your entrance.

You could also use bamboo baskets or large vases as umbrella stands. To make it functional, you can add hooks on top of it to hang dripping raincoats too.

Artistic Decor

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Staying home all day when grey clouds and heavy rainfall happens outside can bore you sometimes. In these moments, it’s time to be creative and utilize this time to enhance your home’s decor. Here’s how you get started:

Light Up the Corners

Use floor lamps or ceiling lamps with LED lights to brighten up the room. You can also hang a simple fairy light over a windowpane to add an instant perk to your space.


Scented candles can magically boost your mood with their nice and sweet aroma. In dark corridors with less sunshine, create a warm and cosy environment with decorative scented candles. This way, you can also take care of the mouldy rain smell and damp clothes.


Want to feel romantic, happy, and refreshed in the rainy season? Try adding music along with the sound of rain to soothe your mood further. Add decorative wind chimes to boost your mood when the cool breeze graces you with its presence.

Garden Furniture

Invest in some furniture like a hanging chair or bamboo stools to sit and enjoy a refreshing atmosphere. Decorate outdoor space with colourful planters, hanging pots, wind chimes.

Rain Washed View

Monsoon season is the best time to change the furnishing of your house. Replace the heavy curtains with lighter ones and enjoy the outside view through sheer curtains. Use lace curtains to allow sunlight and cheer up your house.

Parting Thoughts

To enjoy the beauty of rain, make sure you give your home a monsoon makeover. Use these tips to redecorate your home this monsoon.