So, you have narrowed down the 5 best residential properties for sale in North Bangalore, and you can’t choose now. Buying a flat in Bangalore is not an easy decision. Your commute, fun, and comfort — all depend on your apartment. Here are the 10 things to consider when buying residential property in Bangalore.

  1. Budget:
    Bangalore is expensive. After all, it is an employment hub. That said, you can find a comfortable and affordable
    residential property for sale in Bangalore if you conduct extensive research. If you are renting a flat, plan your budget first. Think about how much you will spend apart from house rent and calculate your savings. Know your budget before looking for a property in Bangalore.
  2. Location Matters:
    Your home should be in close proximity to your workplace so that you can save money and time on your commute. If you need to commute daily, look for a location that reports less traffic and is close to your office. Check the infrastructure, internet connection, and public transport when choosing a location.
  3. Hire a Real Estate Agent:
    If you are new to Bangalore, hire a real estate agent to find the best property for your budget. Finding a home in a new city can be challenging. Besides, you may not have time to travel the entire city just to walk into every vacant apartment to see if it fits your goals. An agent will help you find the best deal.
  4. Check Legal Aspects:
    The legal documents, like the title transfer paper, mortgage paper, and other documents, must be arranged ahead of closing. If necessary, hire a real estate attorney to review the paperwork and handle all legal aspects.
  5. Check Amenities:
    A good internet connection, a parking facility, and a playschool for kids are a few basic amenities every family looks for in a residential property in Bangalore. Your requirements might vary depending on who you are moving in with. Do not make a decision in a hurry. Check the apartment and the premises to see if it has all the facilities you want in your home.
  6. Conduct Inspection:
    A home inspection covers the roof, plumbing, garden, walls, pests, and each nook and corner of the property. You can inspect it on your own or hire a professional team. Usually, the buyer’s agent handles the inspection part. But, if your seller has recently conducted the house inspection, just ask for the reports.
  7. The Resale Value:
    Reselling a property might not be on your mind right now, but you may plan it in the future. Before closing, conduct thorough market research to determine the property’s resale value. Many factors, including amenities and location, play a role in determining the market value of the real estate.
  8. Search for the Best Deals
    If you research different properties in Bangalore, you will most likely find a house offered at a discounted rate. You can also get a great deal on mortgage. Take some time to research property deals and work with your agent to find an offer that suits your preference and budget.
  9. Understand Your Family Needs
    A 1 BHK house might not be a good idea for a family of four. If you have kids, consider a 3 BHK flat. You don’t buy properties often. It’s a one-time purchase. Make it worth your savings.