Do you wish to buy residential plots for sale in Bangalore? Chances are you are looking for relevant Vastu tips for home. Let us help you understand some of the standard Vastu solutions and the science behind them.

Everyone wishes to live in a house that resonates with excellence in aesthetics and functionality. Vaastu solutions have a subtle way of bringing into effect unmatched harmony while channelizing the right energies into your home. While Vaastu is not compulsory, it is still highly recommended to ensure a prosperous and healthier life. Let us help you understand the science behind either an East facing home design as per Vastu or a West facing home design as per Vastu.

  • Science Behind Directions: The Science of Vaastu is known to deal significantly with directions. The science behind this notion explains the concept even better. For instance, according to Vaastu, it is recommended that the kitchen of the house should be situated in the southeast direction. According to science, if your home’s kitchen is situated in any other direction, it becomes susceptible to fire.

The concept originated as houses back then were made out of thatched roofs. As such, strong winds in other directions influenced the concept of kitchens catching fire.

  • Science Behind Colors: According to Vaastu, specific lighter shades or colors have a significant role in bringing about harmony, peace, relaxation, and other positive notions into the house. Scientifically, lighter hues help you relax effectively while also offering aesthetic liberty.

Therefore, in this case, your home will not just be accommodating Vaastu, but it will also be enhancing the overall functionality of the living space.

  •  Science Behind Shapes: As per Vaastu Shastra, there is a strong emphasis on the spaces and houses to be constructed in a specific shape. It helps in improving the overall safety and stability of the house. It is because it is considered that, scientifically, rectangular and square rooms make the best utilization of the available space than circular rooms. With the help of practical solutions, Vaastu has become a highly sought-after practice.
  • Science Behind Airflow: Vaastu is known to stress and value the element of air significantly during the construction of any house. It is because, on scientific grounds, the presence of a clutter-free and empty space in the mid-section of the house will help in ensuring an unobstructed flow of air. This makes your home appear more open and welcoming.
Understanding the Science Behind Vaastu

Vaastu is a Sanskrit term -implying Vaas or habitat. It signifies a place of shelter or abode. In a general sense, Vaastu implies the habitat’s architecture. Vaastu Shastra has been regarded as an integral part of the scriptures of the Veda. In a technical sense, Vaastu is regarded as the Indian Vedic Science of home architecture.

Ancient saints have come up with facts that anything non-living or living in the entire universe is made up of 5 core elements -known as “panch tatva.” Vaastu is believed to be the amalgamation of these five elements of the universe -sky, water, fire, earth, and air. The right balance of these five elements helps in creating bio-electromagnetic energy -conferring wealth, health, and overall prosperity.

Vaastu Shastra can be regarded as a group of important scientific principles for ensuring the structural design of homes for synchronizing the structure with the surrounding nature and the overall energy inflow. Vaastu enables an individual to live and thrive in proper harmony and balance with the essential elements.

Vaastu Shastra is the only science ever discovered that offers instructions on how to best maintain and retain the overall equilibrium of the core elements in a house. The science aims at making the best use of the available elements to energize the physical and mental energies of the residents of the house to the best possible extent. Vaastu Shastra is all about the creation of amicable home-based settings or thriving places to work and live in the most scientific manner. It works by leveraging the benefits that are bestowed by the core elements of the universe.


Consider the science behind Vaastu when you buy residential plots for sale in Bangalore or any other city.