Are you a 20 something who is successfully employed? Many young Indians in this age group have a comfortable lifestyle and tend to become complacent. While being carefree and indulging in your interests is okay at times, you must remember that this phase of your life is perfect for property investment.

Here is why buying an investment property in your 20s may turn out be one of the best decisions you make.

Time is on your side


Saving up early to avoid financial burden when investing in property

When you are young, your major worries may be your monthly expenses and bills. A little bit of planning and careful spending can help you save up enough credit for investing in property. Before you decide to procrastinate, consider the fact that your expenses, bills, and responsibilities will only increase with your age, and saving up at a later point in life may be difficult.  Investing in property now can ensure that your future remains hassle free.

Home loan eligibility

Unless you are cash strapped, you may need to consider a home loan for investing in property. Banks approve home loans based on criteria such as age, income, experience, credit history, the number of dependents, and many other factors. As a youngster, your credit score may be low, but you definitely have an advantage as a first-time home buyer as you are less likely to have dependents, EMIs, or other significant expenses.

Multiple financial benefits

A common argument supporting property investment is that you can pay EMIs for your own home instead of paying rent. While this is definitely sensible, there are other advantages to owning a home. Investing in property in a location equipped with schools, hospitals, and other facilities will help you in getting a good Return on Investment.

What should you know before you go ahead?

  • Starting early

    Time is an important factor when it comes to property investment. Make sure that you save enough early on for your down-payment. If you are considering buying an investment property (purely for rental income or for ROI in the future) make sure that you enquire about the home loan limitations in advance. This will help you in making significant saving decisions.

  • Do your homework: Investing in property requires significant prep time for background checks. Read up on good blogs or follow podcasts to understand the factors you need to consider before making your decision.


It is important to do your homework before finalising an investment property

  • Think ahead

    You must also consider your future when buying a home. A one-bedroom condominium may be sufficient now, but will not make a good family home. Take all these factors into consideration when you choose a home. Choose a home in a location that you know will have a significant rise in prices in the future.

  • Rent it out


Rental income aids you in your bill payments and monthly expenses

Be it an investment property or a home for yourself, rental income contributes significantly to your home payments. You can rent out the empty rooms in your home and save up on your expenses, or buy an investment property in Bangalore or other prominent locations where you are sure to obtain a good rental income.

Property investment is a significant step for any individual. Although a challenging task, it is definitely possible if you start early. If you are looking for an investment property in Bangalore, you have a host of options to choose from.

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