When it comes to a major property purchase, we can’t deny the role Vastu (the age-old science related to land and property) plays. After all, everyone desires peace and harmony in our lives and Vastu intends to help us achieve it. 

With your investment in Vastu-compliant properties, you’re likely to bring prosperity, affluence, and health into your life. Not just that, for corporate property, it’s also shown signs of steady business growth. 

Want to know some important Vastu tips for buying a plot? Here’s what our experts at Address Maker had to say:

6 Important Vastu Factors to Consider Before Buying Property

Apart from modern amenities like a swimming pool, gym, club, and free space, we insist you also look for Vastu compliance while buying a plot. So, before you purchase villa plots in Bangalore, consider the following factors:

Direction Of the Plot

When choosing a residential plot, the first Vastu factor you should focus on is its direction. According to Vastu Sastra, a north-facing plot is auspicious, peaceful, and harmonious to its residents. Alternatively, the other Vastu-approved options you can consider are an east or west-facing plot. 

Things to Avoid 

According to Vastu, a south-facing property isn’t recommended at all and should be avoided. Apart from the plot, it’s also not recommended to have a water body on the southwest side as it is considered to bring misery. So, avoid that too.

The Shape of the Plot

Before buying a plot, do consider if its shape is Vastu-compliant. If you have a square plot, that’s considered to be the best. For the next best option, you can opt for a rectangular plot. 

NOTE: If you’re unable to get a regular plot, you can use Vastu fencing to give it a proper shape and get the desired Vastu benefits.

Things to Avoid 

According to Vastu, a round shape, T shape, or L shape property is considered very auspicious, so it’s best to avoid such properties. If you still want to get such a plot, you can use a Vastu fence to create a Vastu-compliant shape within the property.

Surface Level of the Land

Among the various Vastu tips for property buyers, an important one is to prefer a flat surface for residential houses. That’s because it is said to bring harmony and peace to the residents. However, if your land has a slight slant in the Northeast or Southwest, don’t worry because it’s considered an excellent sign.

Things to Avoid 

Avoid purchasing land that has a slant in the West as it may lead to critical health issues. Also, don’t go for a plot with a valley of depression as it is believed to bring bad luck.

Surrounding Areas

Before purchasing villa plots in Bangalore, do check if the location and its surroundings are Vastu-compliant. If you have the option, always opt for a plot with a lot of greenery as it represents fertility and abundance. Additionally, it’s very auspicious if the property has a water body nearby that flows in the northeast direction.

Things to Avoid 

Don’t buy a property between two large properties. According to Vastu, it’s believed to bring misery and poverty. Also, don’t buy a plot that’s near a cemetery or hospital because it attracts ill fate. 

Soil Colour

Next on the list of Vastu-compliant factors is the colors of the soil. For residential plots, yellow soil colour is considered to be auspicious and optimistic. Like the other options, you can pick between red soil or white soil.

Obstructions Around the Plot

Here’s another gem from the various Vastu tips for buying a plot to consider: obstructions around the plot. If you’re able to get a piece of vacant land to the North or Northeast of the plot,  it’s a good sign. For commercial property types, roads on all four sides are highly encouraged by Vastu shastra.

Things to Avoid 

According to Vastu, you should avoid plots with a cut-out in the northeast as they’re like headless bodies that attract misfortune.

Final Thoughts

On the surface, Vastu Shastra might seem unscientific but it’s a false perception. Contrarily, all Vastu claims are rooted in science and have a logical base. So, before you buy villa plots in Bangalore,  keep these dos and don’ts in your mind. 

By following the basics of Vastu, you’re likely to avoid mishappenings and misfortunes. So, bring luck to your side and invest in Vastu-compliant plots today!