Let’s be honest, choosing residential plots is not an easy task. There are numerous options to choose from, and one cannot make a decision right away. Before purchasing residential plots, you have to check various details.

There are several advantages to purchasing a home. For many people, becoming a landowner is a source of great pride and fulfilment. Investing in residential plots is a good investment option that can yield high returns. However, if you fail to consider the essentials, your investment may not yield the best results. So, here are some pointers to keep in mind when selecting residential plots.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Residential Plots

Access to the plot

Check to see if you have proper access to the plot. You can inquire with the local authorities about road access. You must inquire about the formal access to these roads as well as the easement of access.

Surroundings and facilities

When you zero down on a residential plot, you should ensure that basic needs like a grocery store, medical shop, educational institution, hospital, bus stop, and others are well within your reach. Accessibility to transport and immediate healthcare is very crucial. So check if those facilities are available and analyse the quality of such places before choosing a residential plot.

Legal details

Enquire about the legal status of the property, land, and other details before purchasing. If some legal issues arise after you make a move, it will be hard to fight and settle the problem. You can also seek the professional help of a property lawyer to ensure no discrepancies.

Apart from checking the title deed to confirm the seller, you can also go through other documents like environmental clearance, building clearance, and land use zone certificate. In addition, you must ask for an encumbrance certificate. An encumbrance certificate helps confirm that there are no legal claims on the said property, like the property being pledged against a loan. 


Safety is an important consideration to make before investing. You must be familiar with the surrounding area and determine how satisfactory it is to live there. The last thing you want is to have to deal with safety concerns after purchasing residential plots. Aside from inspecting the nearby households and healthcare facilities, it is also necessary to learn about the pollution in the area. You could, for example, look for nearby industries, waste dumps, bars, and so on.


When actively searching for residential plots, you should always look for different options and compare them based on cost, facilities, safety, budget, legal status, access, and other factors. Rather than visiting just one location, it is best to visit several residential plots and understand what makes your choice unique and the best among the rest.

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Before you select the residential plot, you will have to consider your budget. You should check your CIBIL score and maintain it properly. You could also enquire with the bank and other financial establishments to know your bank loan limits. It is always best to have a planned budget and check for plots accordingly.

Size of the plot

Contact a licensed land surveyor to measure the dimensions of the plot and cross-check it with the details given by the seller. Only if both the details match are you liable to make the payment. If there are any differences, talk it out with the seller and settle the matter before purchasing it.

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