It could be the best house you ever saw, but if it is not in accordance with Vaastu Shastra, it is not the right one for you.

Dating back to ancient times (3000 to 6000 BC), Vaastu or the Indian Science of Architecture is a powerful tool for happy and peaceful living. Vaastu homes are said to be more harmonious because they are balanced with the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky.

A brief about Vaastu Shastra

“Vaastu” is a Sanskrit term that means “dwelling” or “house.”

Nature and humans both are governed by a set of rules that determine overall well-being. It is due to these rules that we can co-exist in this beautiful world full of diversity. Vaastu serves as a bridge between the two with the help of natural energies.

In most Hindu scriptures such as the Mahabharata, Rig Veda, and Ramayana, Vaastu has been explicitly explained. This proves that it is indeed an ancient science that stood the test of time. To this day, it is considered one of the most important factors while buying property.

Why Vaastu Shastra?

The purpose of Vaastu Shastra is simple – happy living.

Homes that are Vaastu compliant shower their residents, with quite a few cosmic benefits and improve their overall quality of life. It may not be essential, but it surely helps live a prosperous life. And don’t we all desire just that? A few more advantages of living in a Vaastu compliant home are:

· Happy relationships and stronger bonds
· Less stress
· Better sleep
· Healthier living
· More productivity (which leads to success)
· Overall happiness

Vaastu tips for home

There’s a guiding principle in everything when it comes to buying homes. Even the shape of your plot matters. According to Vaastu, rectangular and square-shaped plots are the best. Below are a few more tips:

· The main entrance should face the North-East or East direction
· Heavy furniture in the living room must be in the South-West or West direction
· Electronic appliances must be set up in the South-East
· The kitchen, which is the primary source of the element Agni, must always be in the South-East while
washrooms are better placed in the South-West corner
· The living room should be very well-ventilated, allowing natural light inside
· Place happy family photos in the living room
· If you have a water element, make sure you place it in the North or East direction
· A mirror in the dining area attracts prosperity and wealth
· Use pastel, soothing colours to paint the walls – Avoid dark colours

Tips to ward off negative energy

· Make sure there are windows in the North and East directions to allow positive energy
· Doors must not be in a straight line and the main door should be the largest of all
· You should never sleep with your head towards the North. It must always be in the South, South-West, or
West direction
· Do not install mirrors or television sets in the bedrooms
· Avoid photos depicting violence
· Decorate walls in the child’s bedroom, especially the one facing the study table
· The bathroom should not have a common wall with the pooja room, kitchen, or bedroom


The benefits of Vaastu compliant homes are many and quite evident. From the ancient courtyard homes to modern structures, the role that Vaastu plays is hard to ignore.

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