Our properties or plot investments can’t just be beautiful. Of course, beauty is a huge plus, but is it enough? Probably not. There is a lot more to it than it looks. Whether it’s a flat or a plot, you need to pay attention to its features and location. These factors often decide which plot or flat is the best choice for you!

So, let’s talk about how features and location affect buying a house in Bangalore.

4 Crucial Features to Consider When Purchasing a Plot or Flat


More Bedrooms

Joint families need larger homes. Not just them, even nuclear families might need it. After all, you’d ideally want to prepare separate bedrooms for your kids. In any case, you can make your extra bedrooms into guest rooms or kids’ playrooms too. So, they quickly become a massive USP if you are buying a house in Bangalore.

Condition and Style of Appliances

Often, homes having state-of-the-art appliances sell quicker. So, check the appliances and invest if you get new and stylish appliances. That way, you won’t have to repair or replace them just days after you spend on the house. With a high impetus placed on value for money, this feature has become essential to home buyers.


Overall Size of the Plot

For everyone who wants to construct homes on a flat, plot size matters a lot! Your vision for your home might be majestic. So, buy a home that isn’t too small for your dreams.

Also, ensure you have ample space to add that large backyard you always wanted. Or maybe make room for a garage, workspace, or storage. Villa Plots in North Bangalore of a larger size are hot in the buyer market as well.

Utility Source Availability

Having basic amenities included is a huge plus, whether it’s luxury villas for sale in Bangalore or plots, especially plots. So, look into how your future plot will be supplied with electricity, water, internet, and other amenities. Also, be aware of the fees charged for these services and inquire about how easy they would be to set up in the future.

3 Crucial Location Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Plot or Flat

Access to Your Spots

Purchasing a plot to build your home? Or buying a new flat to live in? Doesn’t matter. You can turn a blind eye to connectivity, especially in a city like Bangalore. If your frequently visited spots or offices are all in South Bangalore, there’s no use investing anywhere else.

To get that clarity, take a piece of paper and note down all the places you’d like to be close to. Then, you can narrow down your location picks.

Future Value Potential

Are you buying property or land as an investment in your future? Or want something to live in now but sell later? If that’s the case, you should base your purchase on future potential. After all, you’d want your property to sell like hotcakes and earn a handsome ROI too, right? So, you should buy somewhere where potential buyers will flock in future.


We can’t talk about location and not talk about safety. It’s a non-negotiable. So, keep an eye out for 24×7 safety measures and gated properties. Their value will skyrocket. After all, no one wants to endanger themselves by living in risky areas.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! Hopefully, you know the features and location factors to keep in mind while buying a house in Bangalore. If you are looking for plotted developments in Bangalore? Or flats? Contact Address Maker’s experts and let us help you out.