Real estate is considered one of the best means of investment because it is safe and future-first. The benefits of buying property in Bangalore are undeniable because it reaps rewards even decades later. However, there are different types of properties – plots, apartments, and villas. Which of these is a better choice? You can answer this question by comparing them side to side.

In this article, we have enlisted the pros and cons of plots and villas to help you make an informed decision.

Investment in plots

The pros

  • You own the piece of land right from the time you sign the papers
  • You have the freedom to build your home whenever you want with absolutely no rush
  • You can enjoy 100% customization and build a home exactly as you want it
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep
  • Sale is usually faster and there’s more transparency in the transaction
  • Plots are cheaper than villas and the appreciation is usually greater

The cons

  • You have to be careful that the plot does not belong to a commercial area
  • While selling, years later, you may find it difficult to find a buyer
  • Loans provided for plots are much lower than loans provided for villas and flats
  • When you decide to build a home on your plot, you will have to go through multiple checks, approvals, etc. The process is quite tedious.

Investment in villas

The pros

  • Villas are independent luxury homes that promise privacy and security
  • Gated villas are among the safest homes with a lot of privacy, amenities, and freedom
  • Even if they are located in the heart of the city, they are generally surrounded by lush greenery and are very peaceful
  • Selling a villa is generally easier
  • Getting a large loan is relatively easy

The cons

  • You may have to wait for months or even years for possession
  • Villas are expensive
  • The maintenance costs are very high
  • Appreciation value is not as lucrative as plots
  • Gated developments are usually far away from the city and connectivity might be a concern for office goers


With so many villas and villa plots for sale in Bangalore, it is quite easy to get confused. But, things become easy when you compare the options you have and think about your priorities. If you would like to stay in the property and later think of selling, villas are the way to go. If it is purely for investment, you must not ignore plots. Make sure you carefully examine the pros & cons of each, research the builders, check out the area, etc. and then close the deal.

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