Infrastructure and real estate are closely related to each other and quite critical for the country’s economy. After all, this sector alone could lead to a serious boom or downfall of the economy.

The consensus is that real estate is a significant and lucrative long-term investment option for many of us. Although the prices have skyrocketed, this sector’s charm has never faded.

Bangalore, also called the Silicon Valley of India, has been an Information Technology hub for years. That’s why it has become a dream city for the aspirational youth of the country. With more people to accommodate, the need for an increase in infrastructure projects to cater to their needs has arisen.

Following are some of the upcoming infrastructure projects in Bangalore that could lead to a revolution in the real estate sector.

Kempegowda International Airport
In today’s fast-paced world, an airport is considered to be the backbone of the economy. The bigger its structure, the more travelers the city can welcome. Having big airports is a sign of economic development and progress for any city. Also, since transportation affects the city’s development and growth, air travel has a large stake in both short and long-distance commutes.

Speaking of Bangalore, the Kempegowda International Airport has been serving the country since 2008. Being the lifeline of air transport in the state, it offers premium services and an enjoyable experience for all its travelers.

Recently, due to increased air traffic, it is likely to have two functional runways. This simple transformation would make it the first airport in South India to have two independent parallel runways. Another feather in its cap!

North Bangalore
The greater number of housing projects burgeoning in the area is another prime reason why there’s an elevated impact on real estate. When we talk about numerous lucrative housing projects, the first part of the city that pops up in our mind is North Bangalore, and rightly so!

Projects budding in Northern Bangalore are considered excellent long-term investment options. Bengaluru is now undergoing a massive reformation and it’s chosen to begin with North Bangalore.

Since the Bengaluru Airport became operational in 2008, this area has been under focus for infrastructure development. Nearness to the airport, ample space, emerging tech parks, better connectivity, and development of real estate are some of the top factors that increase this region’s demand.

Following are a few highly promising projects in the vicinity:

Hebbal – It’s one of the best localities in North Bangalore that has seen rapid growth in the past few years. IT parks, SEZ’s, and the development of commercial property are key landmarks here.

Devanahalli – This upcoming commercial hub of North Bangalore is getting more popular due to multi-billion dollar investment proposals and reasonably priced real estate. Check out these amazing Address Maker properties in Devanahalli if you’re interested in investing in this region.

Yelahanka – It’s a residential suburb of Bangalore that can be described as a sort of a retirement paradise for those who wish to live a calm and lush lifestyle.

Jakkur – Due to better connectivity to the airport and IT parks, Jakkur is also considered a good investment prospect.

Bangalore New Road Projects

Roads are the arteries that link producers to markets, workers to jobs, students to schools, and sick to the hospitals. Moreover, they play a vital role in a country’s development too. With more people commuting every day and constant economic development, implementing new projects and upgrading existing road projects are the need of the hour.

Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways proposed the Bangalore Ring Road project that would boost economic activities around it. Its detailed project report worth Rs 1700 crore is being worked on and would include industrial clusters, smart villages, and a smart city. As huge infrastructural developments impose a serious effect on the environment, paving green expressways is on priority.

Satellite Town Ring Road, a project aiming to reduce road congestion, is currently under construction. It’s a four-lane toll road that would link the areas around Bangalore and reduce traffic. Phase one is supposed to connect Dobbspet and Doddaballapur. As a result, the congestion from Tumakuru road to Hyderabad Road or Old Madras Road gets controlled effectively. Moreover, the traffic on the Outer Ring Road would also ease out due to this project.

Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor
Officially known as the Bangalore – Mysore Infrastructure Corridor, the NICE Road project started back in the 1980s when the Karnataka government wanted to expand the existing SH-1 from a 2-lane road into an expressway.

It’s a proposed 4 to 6 lane private toll expressway that intends to connect two important cities of Karnataka- Bangalore and Mysore. Further, this project also included five townships, link roads, a power plant, and supporting infrastructure.

Another interesting point that draws everybody’s attention is the involvement of the business community in the project. Did you know that 33% of the total expenditure on the project would be borne by business tenants? What does that mean, you ask? Well, imagine if the business community wants to chip in such a huge amount, how much returns would he be expecting! That’s the actual business potential of this project.

The townships built in the project would act as additional capacity to relieve Bangalore from getting overcrowded.

The Final Wrap
With so much to offer, Bangalore’s infrastructure is going to raise the standard of living tremendously. By providing a huge boost to the real estate sector, these projects would be used and appreciated by Bangaloreans for years to come. So, every rupee of your invested money will yield gratifying rewards in the coming times. Don’t wait for the next biggest opportunity and invest in infrastructure projects in Bangalore today!