Buying a property is a critical decision and needs careful analysis. It could also be a crucial financial benefit besides fulfilling your dreams. Whether you want to buy the property as your new home or as a part of your investment plans, you do not have to worry if you are short on cash. You could seek assistance in the form of home loans. There are many advantages of taking a home loan such as not overspending your budget and buying your home quicker than you thought.

There are numerous home loan options available, and you can obtain loans based on your individual earnings and CIBIL score. However, several factors must be considered before applying for loans. To begin, you should be familiar with the key features of home loans.

Here are a few important tips to consider before applying for a home loan.

Know about the different loan options

Several lenders provide home loan options, so it is best to compare the various loan options and then select the best one. You can now access all information with a single click thanks to the internet. Once you’ve learned about the various lenders and offers, you can compare the categories such as loan amount, down payment, EMI, repayment period, and so on.

Plan your budget

When you look at home loans, you should check both affordability requirements and monthly expenditures. Since you will have to pay instalments to repay the loan, you should plan your monthly expenses within the budget. It is always best to pay the EMI on time, avoiding increased interest rates or overdue. 

Calculate your loan amount

Based on your loan amount, your EMI instalments could broadly vary. For instance, the interest rate for loans up to Rs 30 lakhs could be different from the rate of interest for loans above Rs 30 lakhs. So, you can plan it accordingly and opt for a loan amount based on the interest rate and your comfortable amount.

 Loan tenure

The tenure period for home loans can be as long as 30 years, based on individual documents and eligibility. When you opt for a longer tenure, you get low monthly repayments. However, on the flip side, it increases your total interest since the tenure is longer. Therefore, you should decide if you can afford more for monthly EMI payments or pay less every month with an increase in interest. Therefore, the tenure you choose affects the rate of interest and EMI payments. 

CIBIL score

It is vital to keep your CIBIL score up to date. When you maintain a good credit score, you will have a better likelihood of faster approval and loan processing.


It is critical to confirm your loan eligibility. To obtain loans from various organizationsorganisations, you must meet certain criteria. You should keep a good credit history and related documents on file. Make certain that you are eligible for a home loan.

Down payment

When you apply for a home loan, you will have to pay a certain down payment. The down payment could vary from 10-20%. Suppose you get a loan for Rs 70 lakhs. You might have to pay a down payment of Rs 10 or 20 lakhs, and the bank will approve the rest. Without impacting your budget, it is best to pay as much down payment as you can make. Because when you pay a more down payment, you can avoid high interest. 

Payment charges

When you buy a home with a home loan or any loan for that matter, you must pay a down payment as well as additional fees. Administrative, processing and service fees may be included in these charges. So it’s best if you could check with your lender about the additional fees you’ll have to pay.

 Read documents properly

When you get the documents for loan application and processing, read them thoroughly. It is advisable to clarify your doubts and sign only after you are satisfied. You can even request additional time to read the documents and loan contracts.

 With so many villas and villa plots for sale in Bangalore, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, things become simpler when you compare your options and consider your priorities. Villas are the way to go if you intend to live in the property and later sell it. Plots should not be overlooked if the goal is purely financial. Make sure you carefully consider the pros and cons of each, research the builders, inspect the area, and so on before closing the deal.

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