Investing in a good location is a must, whether you seek high ROI or want to build a home on the plot. Naturally, you might ask: what makes up the right location for a plot in Bangalore.

Most affordable plots in good locations won’t be in the middle of the city. That makes this question even more crucial to answer.

Let’s look at the attributes of the right location for your plot in Bangalore:

6 Qualities of the Right Location for Plots for Sale in Bangalore

Future Potential

Most plot locations lie in either of these categories:
1. Old and saturated
2. Developing areas
3. And underdeveloped but high-potential areas

The second category might entice you. However, while buying plots, we urge you to not fall into this trap. Ideally, plots in underdeveloped areas with a high appreciation rate in the next decade should be your pick. That way, you can invest early, be smart and reap the long-term benefits.

Land Safety

Though owning land offers a lot of benefits, it also isn’t a smooth ride. One of the major reasons for the same is illegal encroachment. And, if you can’t keep an eye on the land, it’s an even bigger problem for you.

That’s why plotted developments are on-trend right now. With this concept, you get the convenience of owning a home and saving hefty maintenance charges too. If you’re interested in plotted developments, check our website. Our state-of-the-art plotted development projects won’t disappoint you.

Legally Sound

Before you buy land, confirm if it’s out of legal trouble. Thankfully, you can use many government-approved ways to do so. If you’ve finalised your purchase, here’s an easy legal documentation checklist for you:

Document Name Purpose
Title Deed Confirms that the seller owns the land and has the authority to sell it.
Encumbrance Certificate Gives detailed legal history of the plot.
Tax Receipts Saves you from paying taxes if the previous payer has defaulted
Release Certificates Verifies if the seller has repaid the loan amount in full.

Basic Amenities

Yep, you read it right, amenities. No matter what type of plots you invest in, you need access to basic amenities. And, that means power back-up, security, water and electricity connectivity….at least. So, just because you’re buying a plot, don’t ignore access to basic amenities. They can make your life as an owner or resident much easier.

Right Plot Size

Imagine your dream house. Can you paint a vivid picture of your dream? If that’s so, don’t ignore the plot size. After all, it would be a disaster if you bought the land that’s too small for your needs. Even if you can’t quite picture it, you’ll need to get clarity before you purchase your plot.

Contact an architect or construction expert to assess the ideal plot size for your dream house. Also, seek information about the type and quality of soil and evenness of the land. Understand all aspects of building your home before you head out to buy your plot.

Reputed Seller

Seller’s credibility is everything in the property market, and buying plots is no exception. If you’re not careful, you might get conned. So, cross-verify the seller from many sources before you put your money. Platforms like Quora can help you get varied perspectives and detailed experiences. Leverage all tools at your disposal and be as thorough as you can.

In the End

Just kicked off your plot search in Bangalore? It might take a while before you find the right one without putting a dent in your wallet. So, be patient, look out for options, and take a call after careful consideration. Check out Address Maker to find premium plotted developments in high-growth potential areas.