As an investment option, plots have always been of great importance in India. If you’re planning to build a home in the future or looking for an excellent investment option, buying a plot this year is a great idea. Since you have many options available for an investment, you must be wondering, why should I invest in plots?

 Read on to find out why investing in plots is more beneficial than buying a villa or a flat, and why 2021 is the best year to do so. Some enormous advantages of purchasing a villa plot include:

Financial Security

Unlike the other property, plots’ value will always go higher in the future than the current price. So, investing in plots in a city like Bangalore is a superb option to secure your future. For those with a lower budget and maintenance fees, this is a good capital investment option as the cost of land is comparatively lower than residential apartments.

Less Complicated

With minimal research, you can find the plot that best meets your requirement. Investing in plots is less complicated than investing in a ready-made villa or apartment because buying a flat or home requires numerous licenses such as company, construction, water, and so on. The legal procedure and paperwork are also less complicated. So, in every aspect, buying a villa plot is much easier than buying a house.

Less Delay

There is less waiting when it comes to land investment. When you purchase a house, you have to wait for the construction to get over before taking possession. Whereas while investing in plots, you just need to find a plotted gated community and complete the transaction. Then, you can immediately take over your land. Unlike flats, the plots are delivered quickly without any hassle as there is no delay due to working conditions, climates, and other factors.


As mentioned above, the cost of land is comparatively lower than residential apartments. So, buying a plot is cheaper than buying a home. Your budget is an important consideration for property purchases. You’d be glad to discover that there’s a plot available for every budget.

 Property tax is also something you have to take into account while purchasing a plot or a flat. Whether it’s house tax or land tax, it has to be paid. And, there is a substantial amount of difference between property tax for land and that of a house. Effectively, investing in plots is less costly.

Low Maintenance

Investing in plots needs almost no maintenance. It is maintenance-free and needs minimal visits to the property. You just have to check it once in a while to keep it in good condition.


You may have many ideas, tastes, and styles for your dream home. When you buy a villa plot, you can easily implement it while building the house. In the case of flats, it is difficult to implement design plans as per your choice.

 However, you can build your dream house once you purchase a plot. If that’s not feasible, you can also sell the land and gain a higher return on land investment.

Highly Profitable

Buying a villa plot is an excellent long-term money-saving investment plan. It guarantees high returns in the future, especially in a city like Bangalore. The price of the plot appreciates more if you buy a plot in an area with good infrastructure and it offers higher returns in a shorter period.

 The value of land also depends on the quality of land, its surrounding environment, and upcoming facilities in the area. So, it’s always a good idea to invest in plotted development projects as there’s an immediate rise in price with such properties.

Less Competition

With plot investment, you need not think about the competition and can set your price as per your wish. So, you have a better chance of getting a higher value for your investment.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying a Plot

If you’ve decided to invest in villa plots in 2021, you’re making an excellent choice! Here’s what you should consider before you buy a plot:


If you’re investing in fast-growing cities like Bangalore, make sure the plot is located in a well-developed area and that’s close to educational centers, IT hubs, hospitals, multiplexes, etc.

Plot Size

Make sure to visit the site to check the size of the plot. To avoid any legal disputes in the future, be sure about defining the dimensions. Buy the right size plot to build your dream home.

Builder Credentials

It’s always better to buy your plot from a trusted and reputed builder. So, check for a history of credibility and reliability through reviews from different sites before buying a plot.

Approval by Local Bodies

Make sure the plot has approvals from local authorities like BBMP, City Development Corporation, and other corporations.

The Real Value of Land

Research the market enough to know the actual value of a plot. Do not just blindly rush to buy a plot just by looking at its cheap price.

Why Is 2021 the Best Year to Invest in a Plot?

As land resources are finite, the demand for them automatically increases every year. Even in the current pandemic, the demand for investing in plots has not gone down because there’s an inherent long-term value that’s not going anywhere. So, if you’re planning to build a house in the future, buying a plot now can save a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy a villa plot in Bangalore, now is the time to invest. There are many villa plots for sale in Bangalore available this year. Consider checking out different Address Maker properties before deciding on your villa plot. We know you’ll love them