For most of us, building a home is like a dream coming true. After all, we work hard to live comfortable lives with our loved ones.

Whether you purchase a residential plot or a gated apartment, various legal factors and land pricing issues can act as a speed breaker. If you’ve decided to buy land in Bengaluru, we encourage you to keep this checklist for buying a property handy.

Here’s a list of four critical factors you must consider while buying a residential plot in Bangalore:


Your property’s location is one of the most significant factors of your purchase. Wherever you decide to purchase your land, do ensure that it’s well-connected to hospitals, schools, markets, train stations, etc. It’s the most important consideration, especially if you’re looking to live there.

Further, for residential purposes, try to avoid picking faraway locations with little to no connectivity to the city. It’ll make your commute longer and your life more unmanageable & cumbersome.

This factor also determines how easily you can mitigate health emergencies, shop for basic necessities, and overall lead a comfortable life. So, location matters when you’re buying a residential plot in Bangalore.

Value Of The Plot

When it comes to big purchases, you need to take a step back and evaluate the decision with a critical mind. So, if you end up purchasing land that’s not well connected to the city, you’d waste your investment. Ultimately, neither will you be able to reside there, nor will you get great returns when you sell the land.

That’s why try to be patient and understand the prospects of the land you’re purchasing. While you might be tempted to go for cheap deals, research and survey the value of the land and other advantages before your purchase.

Various real estate agencies in Bengaluru can help you with your research to buy your land. However, you need to get in touch with credible and experienced real estate companies to help you with your purchase. With their help, you’ll avoid falling prey to fake news and facts and complete a safe and legal purchase

Area Of The Land

While buying a residential plot in Bangalore, check the area on which you’ll build your dream home (also called built-up area).

If you’re hiring architects or builders, let them check the topography and soil of the area. That way, they can tell you what type of residence can be built over the specific area.

For example: If your site is on a slope, building a villa could be quite challenging. Plus, various plots might have different soil types with different properties that might affect the design of your building or villa. So, each type of soil like sandy soil, clayey soil, or laterite soil supports a different construction.

Getting these details right is key to building the house of your dreams.

Builder Verification

Buying residential plots can easily become a legal hassle if you’re not careful. So, before you invest in a residential plot in Bangalore, you must cross-verify the plot and builder details from the seller. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the title deed verification.

Find out if the seller of the land holds the right to sell the land or not. Also, examine if any fraudulent issues are revolving around the builder and the plot. Before you even think of investing in the land, research and know well and you’ll avoid a lot of legal pitfalls.

In the End

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