Every person wishes to build a home of their own. A home is more than four walls and a roof. The word ‘home’ carries an emotion, which is why Elvis Presley once famously said ‘home is where the heart is’!

In India, housewarming rituals are done when one moves into a house to eliminate negative vibes and ensure that your stay at your new home brings good health, success and positivity. Auspicious dates and muhurtam are chosen, and the housewarming ceremony is performed. The auspicious date is determined by the astrologer’s chart when the family moves into the new house. Without performing grah pravesh, one must not move into the house or occupy things. This ceremony offers gratitude to god. Even while constructing a house, Vastu is significant. Vastu Pooja is also performed right after entering the house to remove doshas. Every home is constructed according to Vastu principles. It is believed that prayers and pooja help to purify the space and bring positivity into the house. Homam invites gods and goddesses to reside among us and guide us through various phases in our life.

When a family enters a newly built house, grah pravesh ceremony is performed to get blessings from the five elements – Earth, Space, Water, Fire and Wind. By doing this pooja, these five elements will give happiness and a peaceful mind. The most important thing to consider to celebrate grah pravesh ceremony is muhurtam. As per Hindu beliefs, if the grah pravesh ceremony is conducted at shubhmuhurat, the house members will be at peace.

2021 is an excellent year to be grateful for everything you have. It is a fruitful year to invest in your dream house. Housewarming ceremony in 2021 will be different, but it will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm. Grihapravesh Shubh Muhurat is chosen based on grah pravesh nakshatra, shubh date and tithi.

According to astrologers, the Uttar Bhadrapada, Uttar Phalguni, Uttarshadha, Rohini, Margashira, Chitra and Anuradha Nakshatra are ideal for organizing a housewarming ceremony.

The Tithis; Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Shashti, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Thrayodashi, are deemed auspicious for grah pravesh.

Here is the list of auspicious dates for moving into a new home in 2021.

Grihapravesh Dates Day Tithi
15th February Saturday Panchmi
22nd February Monday Ekadashi
15th march Monday Dauj
16th April Friday Chaturthi
26th April Monday Chaturdashi
13 May Thursday Dauj
14th May Friday Akshaya Tritiya
21st May Friday Dashmi
22nd May Saturday Ekadashi
24th May     Monday Teras
4th June Friday Ekadashi
5 June Saturday Ekadashi
19th June Saturday Dashmi
26th June Saturday Dauj
1st July Thursday Saptami
5th November Friday Dauj
6th November Saturday Tritiya
10th November Wednesday Saptami
20th November Saturday Dauj
29th November Monday Dashmi
13th December Monday Dashmi


These dates might be tentative. You can always consult your family astrologer for auspicious dates for housewarming ceremony in 2021. Due to the pandemic, one may have to perform grah pravesh ceremony only with family and very close relatives. Still, once the situation has settled down and things are back to normal, you can set another date for a big house party. Keep in mind the grah pravesh shubh muhurat in 2021 and enter your new home with love and happiness.